It’s holiday shopping time! I have so many great gift ideas for you this year, I just had to share!

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting lots of gift ideas for everyone in the family. For your convenience, I will link to all of them right there in this post as I add them! Just bookmark this page and refer back to it when you need ideas! I’ve also linked to some products I’ve already reviewed this year, so check those out as well!

{Updated 11/19/2012}

**For Him**

Noble Man - Pillar Mug

Avodah Coffee and a DaySpring mug

Touch Screen Compatible Athletic Gloves {We use these for running, but they are great for everyday as well!}

Waterproof Bible {This thing is AMAZING! Review coming soon on The MOB Society, but it would be great for outdoorsmen!}

**For Her**

Personalized Jewelry

Avodah Coffee

Freeset Bags

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day {The bread baking book that has changed my life. Oh. My. Yum.}

**For the Kids**



Anything from What’s in the Bible?

Veggie Tales Ultimate Christmas Collection

3-2-1 Penguins: Complete Season One

Waterproof Bible

Straws & Connectors {At the recommendation of Kat, this is on the boys’ list this year!}

**For Anyone**

Avodah Coffee

Waterproof Bible

**For a Good Cause**

Avodah Coffee {many different causes represented!}

Freeset Bags {to free women from trafficking}

Mercy House Kenya {necklaces and ornaments and t-shirts and lots more, all to fund a maternity home in Kenya!}


*This post contains some affiliate links.