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21 Day Fix done, baby!

Can I just say that it is totally awesome to finish a whole fitness program in just 21 days?!

You can read about how I felt about halfway through the program here, but now that I’m done, I wanted to share some final results and thoughts!

Everyone has been asking about results, so let’s start there…

21 Day Fix Before After Front

I still get a little self-conscious posting pictures like this, but I also want you to see my actual, real-life, non-photoshopped, mama body progress! The pictures don’t look drastically different, but everything feels WAY different! I lost 5.2 pounds and 7.5 inches overall in 21 days!

21 Day Fix Before After Side

I’m still working on that abdomen area – thank you very much to my precious boys – but I did lose three inches off my waist and I am THRILLED with that progress. I know that sticking pretty close to the eating plan was the most helpful for that loss of inches.

This might be my favorite part of the transformation…

21 Day Fix After Back View
And I wouldn’t have realized I was getting that definition back there if The Hubby hadn’t mentioned a few days before I completed the 21 Day Fix. Strength training has become something I love, and the 21 Day Fix has just the right amount for me, even throwing in dumbbells for  some cardio moves. Like I’ve said before: I don’t work out to be skinny. I work out to be healthy, lean, and STRONG. I love that the 21 Day Fix improved my muscle strength and tone!

A few final thoughts and answers about the 21 Day Fix

The workout variety and length {30 minutes} and the eating plan were the most crucial to my success with this program. And let’s be honest: only being 21 days long helped as well! Autumn says a lot, “You can do anything for 21 days!” And I really believe that!

Since I’ve also done Insanity and T25, I may do a whole post comparing the three programs, but someone asked about how the 21 Day Fix compared to T25 specifically. T25 is 60 days, so much longer. T25 includes some recipes and suggestions for eating, but not as detailed as the 21 Day Fix. Both have great short workouts and include a modifier in case a move is too hard or you’re needing to take things down a notch. After doing two programs with Shaun T, I liked having someone new leading the workouts, but I think they are both motivating! I also liked that the 21 Day Fix included yoga and Pilates. And the 21 Day Fix is much less expensive!

The 21 Day Fix did a GREAT job of resetting my eating habits. I officially ended on Sunday, but I’m still planning out my food for the day and I like being strategic about how I fuel my body. The 21 Day Fix does a calorie deficit for 21 days and after 21 days you need to bump your calorie intake back up, so I’m enjoying eating a little more now, but also eating a lot BETTER.

I’m a big fan of the 21 Day Fix. And everyone has time for it! If you’re considering it at all, just GO FOR IT! I’ll cheer you on the whole way!

If you have any other questions about my experience with the 21 Day Fix, I’d love to answer them! Just leave a comment or email me!