If anyone is the king of surprises, it is The Hubby.

He is one of the most thoughtful people I know, recognizing each family member’s love language and spending his time, energy, and money to make sure each of us have wonderful surprises every now and then.

This past Christmas, The Hubby had me completely convinced we could not afford a DSLR camera. On top of that, we had just purchased a new point-and-shoot only two months prior to replace a broken one. A new camera was nowhere on my radar, except on a “maybe someday” wish list.

I was completely speechless when I opened my gift to find a Canon T3i – the exact camera of which I had been dreaming! I am reminded of his remarkable thoughtfulness every time I use that camera, which is almost every single day.

I give this as a grand example of one family member doing something unexpected to bless another family member, but smaller surprises in day-to-day life can have just as much impact for your family!

While he does well in the large surprise area, The Hubby also makes it a point to plan fun little unexpected outings and activities for us on a regular basis. Even a trip to the neighborhood park or a zoo we have been to many times takes on an extra element of fun when it is spur of the moment!

Last winter, The Hubby set up a night scavenger hunt in the snow for the boys. The three of them, dressed in snowpants and boots, headed out with flashlights and had the best time searching our backyard for little hidden trinkets! Big J just mentioned it again the other day – a lasting memory was created by that unexpected evening of fun.

On a Saturday morning a few weekends ago, I told the boys to get into the van, still in their pajamas, for a donut run. We used to do this quite often before we moved, but the tradition had been neglected. They did not know we were going ahead of time, the donut shop was a new one to us, and the boys giggled at the thought of wearing their pajamas out in public! We had a wonderful time and they talked about it for days.

Big or small, doing something unexpected for a family member demonstrates extra care and love for the person, especially when it requires a sacrifice on your part. And I can almost guarantee you will enjoy yourself as much as the one you are surprising! 


Family tie #4: Plan a surprise for your family this week! Make a pajama run for a special treat, let the kids stay up late for s’mores around the fire pit on a school night, put together an obstacle course after they go to bed for them to discover in the morning – make it something your family would really enjoy! And DON’T tell them ahead of time! The “unexpected” part is the best part!


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