31 Days of NOT Having It All!

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I entered into the 31 Days world hesitantly a few years ago, but I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to brainstorming for this each year. Two years ago it was 31 Days of All Things Woman and last year was 31 Days of Family Ties.

This year, I hope you’ll join me for…

31 Days of NOT Having It All Square

I can’t wait to share my heart and what God has been showing me on this topic!

As the month progresses, all posts will be linked here:

Day 1: What does “having it all” mean?

Day 2: What does “having it all” look like?

Day 3: How does “having it all” feel?

Day 4: TRYING to Have It All

Day 5: Can “having it all” be good?

Day 6: What does God say about “having it all?”

Day 7: I don’t HAVE to…say yes to every good opportunity

Day 8: I don’t HAVE to…cook pin-worthy meals

Day 9: I don’t HAVE to…have a full closet

Day 10: I don’t HAVE to…raise an all-star athlete

Day 11: I don’t HAVE to…be on social media 24/7

Day 12: I don’t HAVE to…volunteer for every worthy cause

Day 13: I don’t HAVE to…be a bible scholar

Day 14: I don’t HAVE to…keep a perfect house

Day 15: I don’t HAVE to…stop having fun

Day 16: I don’t HAVE to…follow every fashion trend

Day 17: I don’t HAVE to…post on the blog every day

Day 18: I don’t HAVE to…homeschool my children

Day 19: I don’t HAVE to…take perfect pictures

Day 20: I don’t HAVE to…be a runner

Day 21: I don’t HAVE to…make everything from scratch

Day 22: I don’t HAVE to…go to a conference

Day 23: I don’t HAVE to…write a book

Day 24: I don’t HAVE to…do everything for my children

Day 25: I don’t HAVE to…have it all at the same time

Day 26: I don’t HAVE to…earn my salvation

Day 27: I don’t HAVE to…live a balanced life

Day 28: I don’t HAVE to…fit in

Day 29: I don’t HAVE to…have the next best thing

Day 30: The Secret to NOT Trying to Have It All {Part 1}

Day 31: The Secret to NOT Trying to Have It All {Part 2}

Are you doing a 31 Days series? Let me know so I can follow along!

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  1. This is so great Erin!! Can’t wait to follow along. This will be my first year joining the 31 days! I am writing about Introverts and coming out of Your Shell!! 🙂

  2. Looks like a great 31 Days! I’m showing different ways you can change the world for less than $50. This is my first attempt.

  3. Your family looks so sweet. I am also into “not having it all” my topic is “a lot of hope for a little home” which basically will show people how it is possible to live in a small space. It should be fun to have our first year be in this category!

  4. Hello Erin,
    I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest, but I immediately recognized your Blog Button for 31 Days 2013. I’m a new blogger, but I am so energized by this challenge that I can hardly wait for each day to come so I can post again:) I’m a pastor’s wife and I blog primarily about faith.
    I managed to create a Blog Button, but I don’t think I did a great job with the Introductory post or the List of posts. As you clearly have mastered both. I am still frustrated by the WP.com limitations, but haven’t made the jump to a professionally designed theme or self-hosting. But, you pros are slowly convincing me that it is worth the expense to have it all under your own control.

  5. Erin, a message pops up under your comment box saying “a feed could not be found” on my website address. If you’re looking for it you can find it under Family Life at nester.com
    Look for my greenish yellow button( I think #114) that says She’s All That Proverbs 31.
    I’ll be following you too.
    Any other blogger friends participating that you’d suggest I also follow?

  6. I’m doing 31 Days os Disney Deals! http://samicone.com/31-days-of-disney-deals/


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