We’re headed to the store today to shop for our Operation Christmas Child boxes, which brings me to our second to last family tie:

Serve others together.

We’ve talked about putting others in our family above ourselves, but doing that TOGETHER as a family for those in need is very powerful as well.

Serving others as a family can bring about great feelings of gratitude, along with building cooperative skills and providing perspective.

Last year, the boys and I went to Target to pick out various items to pack a shoebox. We chose to pack a box for a boy similar to the boys’ ages to help them relate. We picked some necessities and some toys and the boys had so much fun shopping for the boy who would receive the box, especially when I explained this would probably be the only gift he received at Christmas.

They are quite excited to bless a boy or two with a shoebox again this year!

Operation Christmas Child is one of my favorite ways to serve with our kids, but there are SO many options for this family tie!

Compassion is another favorite for us – the boys love helping write letters and draw pictures and pray for Samson!

I mention these two first because they are great to do with children of any age. And for those of you with young children, these two options are wonderful because they are very flexible and don’t require a large time commitment that may be taxing on toddlers and babies – and you!

Your church will most likely have several ways for your family to serve throughout the year. The MOB Society did a feature this summer on service projects for boys that contains lots of inspiring ideas as well!

Choose something that uses your family’s strengths and/or talents to bless others!

I just love the conversations I have had with Big J that have come from time spent serving together in some way. These discussions that involve worldview and Christ and so much more are just another way our relationship is strengthened when we take on these projects as a family!

What is your favorite way for your family to serve together?


Family Tie #30: Consider the ages, talents, and strengths of your family and pick a way to serve others in your community together. The holidays are a great time to find a way to bless a family with a meal or gifts or aid of some kind. Contact your church or a local charity if you need ideas!


Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child National Collection Week is November 12-19 so you still have lots of time to participate! For more information on Operation Christmas Child, check out these helpful links…

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