I was pretty darn excited when I heard there would be a DownEast Basics Fashion Show at Relevant this year. I may have squealed a bit.

I LOVE DownEast Basics for their super trendy and MODEST clothing. And I LOVE a good fashion show. In fact, I’ve been a part of a few!

It’s true. I HAVE strutted my stuff down a runway a time or two.

Well, really ONLY two times.

I was in third grade the first time around. Yep – THIRD GRADE. I have no idea how my sister and I got to be a part of this but it was FUN. What is more fun to a nine-year-old girl than being IN a fashion show?

{Insert picture of me at 9 walking the runway in a kickin’ white and magenta outfit – magenta pants, white and magenta striped hoodie – looking REAL good, of course. If only we could find the picture. Still looking but you’ll just have to use your imagination for now!}

The second time I wasn’t really IN the show, but I was part of it behind the scenes and I did walk the runway after the show with my very pregnant belly looking oh so cute – and BIG.


And if I can walk the runway pregnant, I certainly can do it now!

Our church puts on a modesty fashion show called Unfading Beauty every few years and I have been SO blessed to be part of organizing it. What started as a small event for the teenage girls in our youth group has blossomed into a large area-wide event for girls and women of all ages, even bringing in Britt Nicole in her early years!

Unfading Beauty

Our last show had models from 1 to 80-something! It was such a blast!

(Yep, that’s me on the left striking a fabulous pose! I’m still ready for the runway!)

Unfading Beauty Crazy

I can’t even count the number of girls who have said going to or being in the show changed how they thought about themselves and how they dress. And THAT was life-changing for me.


So all this to tell the wonderful people at DownEast Basics that they really should pick me:

*Someone with excellent experience

*Someone in need of a few new magnificent pieces from their line to freshen up my wardrobe

*Someone whose current wardrobe budget = ZERO!

to be a model in their Relevant Fashion Show.


And I would TOTALLY rock this outfit down the runway, don’t you think?

Start with a fancy tee and this ADORABLE skirt – WITH POCKETS.


And layer the lovely Infatuation Cardigan over that – since it WILL be fall in Pennsylvania during Relevant – layering is a must I’ve been told!


And maybe they’ll throw in this gorgeous Vineyard Scarf for good measure – because it might be my favorite thing in the whole new line! I don’t care if it goes with the outfit or not (I totally think it does!) – LOVE IT!


DownEast Basics – I’M YOUR GIRL!

Can’t wait to show off your beautiful clothing in October!