This past weekend we left the boys with grandparents and headed out for a weekend at the lake with some friends from church. Believe me, we were all ready for a break!

And this is where we got to stay…

No, those are not pictures from a magazine. That is actually the place we stayed. Gorgeous, isn’t it?! And I didn’t even take pictures of the second floor!

And by the way, it was free! A relative of one of the couples let us stay there for the weekend – amazing!
We got in late Friday night, made a midnight Wal-Mart run (always fun) and then prepared for Day 1.

And that was a full day.

What I didn’t get pictures of was starting our day with three hours of tennis. THREE HOURS. I was in heaven. I love tennis so much and have missed playing. It’s time to start playing on a regular basis. Any takers?!

Next we headed down to the dock to check out the water. It was beautiful.

The guys found lots of big fish swimming around the dock. They were fascinated.

And as if three hours of tennis wasn’t enough physical activity for the day, we all golfed nine holes next. And put sunscreen on this time. A little late for most of us.

The guys…

and the girls…

Just for the record, D (in the yellow) had the low round for the day. Out of ALL six of us 🙂 She rocks.

This was my third time EVER golfing. I took seven strokes off my score. I was happy.

And we had fun.
And it was good we had the van for all those clubs.

Jerry’s Pizza for supper…yummy…yes, that’s my half without the cheese.

Bless that pizza, J!

There is a lot going on down by the lake in the summer so we went to check it out after supper.

There is the amusement park.

I went there once many years ago. See that roller coaster in the foreground? That is the reason I do not ride roller coasters. I think it may be the oldest, shakiest loudest roller coaster around. Just sitting near it and listening to it go by brought horrible memories rushing back to mind. Ugh.

But then a very pleasant surprise…

And that was just a fraction of the finale. It was an amazing show – one of the best I have ever seen in person. And we just stumbled upon it.

And we finished the night with this.

I was a very happy camper.

And that was just day one!