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Thank you so much for visiting us at Home with the Boys!

I am Erin – a follower of Jesus Christ, wife of a first-year internal medicine resident, and stay-at-home mom to three lively young boys!

The Hubby and I have been blissfully married for ten years. We have MANY similar interests, with running, watching football, and shopping at Target topping the list!

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This past year and a half has found us running a lot – literally! The Hubby ran his first 10 mile race, followed by his first half-marathon, and completed a full marathon in May! I just ran my second half-marathon and have run every distance race up to 13.1! We also joined the YMCA and are eating better overall. I am so thankful for our healthier, more active lifestyles!

Boys Sitting Blog

Big J is seven, Double J is 1, and Little J is five. I am deeply immersed in the world of boys and loving it! We just finished our second year on the homeschool path – not something we ever planned on, but we have found lots of joy in it!

In my “former” life, I taught elementary music, but now I enjoy cooking, crafting, reading, coffee with friends, date nights, and keeping up on the TV shows we love! Give us some good weather and you may find us on the tennis court or golf course as well, although that can be hit-or-miss in Nebraska!

I am the co-founder and creator, as well as the marketing manager, of the M.O.B. Society – for moms of boys by moms of boys – which is a huge blessing and encouragement to ME!

You can find me writing monthly as a Tommy Mommy on the Tommy Nelson blog! I also blog for MasterBooks and Compassion right here.

I really enjoy sharing our everyday life and things I love with you! Look for posts about raising boys, food, homeschool, children’s resources, and anything else relevant to a modern-day Christian woman, wife, and mama! And I love giving away things to you as well :)

I hope you find our blog to be a place of faith, family, fun and encouragement!


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