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Getting a bit of a late start on posting goals for this month, but that won’t stop me! March was kind of crazy, so I need my April goals to give me direction and a big push!

Here’s what happened with my March goals…


Finish three books – I actually finished more than three books! I was a reading machine this month! Books I finished in March:

Celebrate my favorite March days – Check, check, check! Two birthdays and St. Patrick’s Day were celebrated well!

Launch a fun new project – We got this MOB Society project going and are tweaking it to make it even better right now. It will be public this week!

Run 90+ miles and keep pushing through training – 125.2 miles. That’s right, I totally crushed my goal and had my highest mileage month ever!

Get my OWN newsletter going – It just didn’t happen…moving it to this month!

Be present – Removing Facebook and Twitter from my phone really helped with this goal! I felt like I was offline more this past month than I had been in a long time. I also chose to write less on the blog and not stress about it. As a result, I have lots more to write about now! I’m not sure if I’ll put those apps back on my phone – I like how it felt these past few months!

And now for this month…



15-mile long run – This Sunday. Pray for me.

The newsletter, seriously – I WILL get this done this month.

Get outside – We are all SO MUCH happier when we spend time in the fresh air. The boys actually want to get outside more this year, so my goal is to join them, even if I just take my book or writing work with me!

Keep on reading – My list of books to read + finish this month:

Your turn: what goals did you accomplish last month? What are you hoping to accomplish this month?