Top Ten {Tuesday} Childhood really is the best, isn’t it?

Just this summer, I was thinking about lounging around as a kid reading and watching TV in bean bag chairs and video chairs. There is just something fun about WHERE you sit while reading, right?

As an adult, I have a nice big, comfy chair with an ottoman to curl up in and read a book, but I had a feeling the appeal wasn’t quite the same for the boys.

Enter AHH! Products and their fabulous kids bean bag chairs

Friends, these bean bag chairs ROCK.

And, I’ll admit, I might have sat in ours myself a few times while the kiddos weren’t around. It was so comfy, I never wanted to move.

But there are lots of other reasons to love the AHH Products Bean Bag Chairs, which I will now outline for you in a top ten list…

Top Ten Reasons We Love AHH Products Bean Bag Chairs

1. They are made in the good ol’ USA.

2. Each bean bag chair has a removable, WASHABLE cover. {And all the parents, said “AMEN!”}

3. Did I mention how super comfy it is? We have the back cuddle soft model – and cuddle soft is exactly what it is!

{Doesn’t he look comfy?!}

4. When you hear “bean bag chair,” do you cringe at the thought of the bag bursting and little pieces of filling spilling out EVERYWHERE? Well, these chairs have a super-strong, water-repellent liner and they will not break! I’m pretty convinced of this after the abuse my boys have given it over the last month!

5. And if you’re still wary, these bean bags have a 10 year warranty!

6. To add to that good news, there is also a 365 day return/exchange policy with zero restocking fees! THAT is great customer service!

7. The numerous fabrics to choose from! I mentioned that ours is the “cuddle soft” variety, but you can also choose: 100% cotton, denim, fleece, cuddle fur, faux animal fur, faux suede AND even organic!

8. There are so many designs and styles! I almost picked out an animal print for the boys, but I knew they would argue over whether to get leopard or tiger, so I stuck with classic, timeless black. Princesses, planes, sports, butterflies, cars, space – you name it, they probably have it! And if a print isn’t your style, pick a color, any color! Pick out something special for a Christmas present!

9. It has become a special reading spot in our home. Just as I had hoped it would 🙂

10. Look at that happy face. That’s the BEST reason to have a bean bag chair.

{By the way, Big J’s favorite thing about the bean bag: “It’s big.” There you have it, folks.}

Thank you, AHH! Products! We love our bean bag chair!


So, I just have to know – what is YOUR experience with bean bag chairs? I’m sure there are some funny {or disastrous!} stories out there just waiting to be shared! Let’s hear them!


Disclosure: My family received a bean bag chair from AHH! Products to review. We were not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions expressed in this post, including my adoration for just how strong these chairs are, are 100% my own.