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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say, “I want to be more like myself.”

It is a fact of life that women spend quite a bit of time comparing themselves to others. I can remember comparing myself to the girls in my life as early as elementary school. And comparison usually led to thoughts of wanting to be more like so-and-so.

This feeling isn’t one we grow out of. As we add employee and wife and mother and so many other roles to our lives, the opportunity for comparison – and dissatisfaction – becomes exponentially greater.

As a little girl, I wanted someone else’s backpack or colorful pens. In high school, I wanted Rachel’s haircut {yes, from Friends}. Now, I want to be more like the mom who seems to have all the time in the world to read to her children AND read all the books she wants to read AND have her writing ability AND…you get the idea.

Stasi Eldredge, wife of Wild at Heart author John Eldredge and coauthor of Captivating, has written an amazing book that has opened my eyes to the world of becoming more like me, the one God created me to be, and not like anyone else on this earth.

Becoming Myself book

Can I admit that even reading the title of this book made me tear up a little?

This whole idea of Becoming Myself is something that has been stirring in my heart since we moved last year. Some of my favorite personality traits about myself had lost their luster and been replaced by striving and frustration and even pessimism.

Becoming Myself arrived at my front door at just the right time, and Stasi’s words and personal story have given me so much to process and grow on…

The very fact that we long for the change we do is a sign that we are meant to have it. Our very dissatisfaction with our weaknesses and struggles points to the reality that continuing to live in them is not our destiny.

Our feelings of dissatisfaction aren’t ALWAYS negative. They can be a catalyst for good change in the hands of God.

God invites us into a process of change – a process where by his grace we can rise to the occasion of our lives.

The process of change is GOOD when we submit fully to God, not the selfish, envious desires of our own flesh. I’ve found the hardest step in this kind of change is admitting just how much I’ve been following my own desires to become someone else.

Becoming Myself magnet

This magnet was a gift from Stasi and her team and stays on the side of my fridge as a reminder that my cooperation is needed for real change.

One of the most powerful passages I read in Becoming Myself came in this confirmation of my feelings of the “real me” being buried under other junk:

Every day the wonder of you is amazing, but many days the wonder of you is buried beneath the rubble of a world gone mad. You were born into a glorious mess, and we all have become something of a glorious mess ourselves. And in the midst of our mess, God has a thing for us.

The wonder of me has been buried, but time with Him, confessing, learning, filling up, has served as a digging tool to get closer to who God created me to be. I feel like I am becoming myself more and more each day.

Because our lives are not just about us, Stasi touches on friendships and family relationships and so much more in this book. I know it will be a powerful tool of breakthrough for many women. I pray that it will bring that freedom for you. 

The most important journey any person will take is the journey into becoming herself through the love of God.

Becoming Myself releases August 1st! You can get your copy in hardcover or ebook, as well as an 8-session study guide.

What is your biggest obstacle to becoming yourself? Fear? Jealousy? Pride? Past failures? Something else?

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*All quotes in boxes are from the book!