For this week’s photo-themed blog hop, I decided I better get these costume shots up!

The boys had two chances to dress up this year. Tuesday night, we went to a trick-or-treating event held at our family doctor’s office.

Jeremiah had been counting the hours until he could put on his pirate costume. Joshua had no idea what was happening, but he looked cute!

Arrgh, matey!

Our cute kangaroo!

By the end of that night, Joshua was excited about the whole candy thing so he was ready to go for our church’s Trunk ‘n’ Treat event Saturday evening. And of course, Jeremiah was pumped to wear his brand new Buddy the T-Rex costume (from PBS’s Dinosaur Train). You can read more about that costume craziness here!

Here are my guys arriving…

Joshua was just a bundle of adorable, from these ears…

…to this tail…

…and that face. Ahh, that squishable face.

The weather was gorgeous and everyone enjoyed themselves greatly.

Isn’t that right Buddy?!

Thanks for “hopping” by!