Three Months Old!

Double J just turned three months old yesterday!

This handsome guy is growing up way too fast!

He is becoming more and more fun every day – grabbing his feet, rolling to his side, big grins and little giggles…such a big boy!

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Dedication of Double J

This weekend, Double J became our third son to be dedicated at our church – and all three by the same pastor as well! It was a sweet and special day to share with the church family we’ve been a part of for twelve years now!

{Keep an eye on Little J as the pictures progress. Apparently, he was putting on his own little show to upstage Double J!}

Part of a reading from Nehemiah our children’s pastor shared – a challenge to fight for and defend our families against the enemy!

What in the world is Little J doing?!

All smiles! It was happy day!

We love you Double J! What a blessing you already are to our family! May you come to know the Lord at an early age and follow in His ways all of your life! He has great plans for you!


Any moms of boys reading this? The next Warrior Prayers challenge starts May 1st! Join me in praying for our sons for 21 days with the Warrior Prayers ebook! Learn more about the challenge here and buy your ebook here!

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Big Brother, Little Brother

We have one proud, and affectionate, big brother on our hands…

And little brother is doing quite well!

Double J just had his one month check up and here are his stats:

10 pounds 7 ounces {100% percentile}

21 3/4 inches long {95% percentile}

16 inches head circumference {100% percentile}

Yep, he’s already getting so big! This time is just flying by!

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The Many Faces of Double J

I had to take advantage of Double J’s small amount of awake time to capture these adorable – and hilarious – expressions…

“Seriously, Mom – enough with the camera!”

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Floor Time {Two Weeks Old!}

Two weeks old and enjoying some time on the floor with his big brothers…

And tummy time was a success!

Celebrating the little things 🙂

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Daddy’s Littlest Dude

I’d forgotten how amazing and wonderful and lovely it is to watch the hubby fall in love with each of our babies from the moment they arrive, but I was quickly reminded this week…

Nothing like watching a little ESPN with Daddy.

This life with all boys pretty much rocks, especially because of The Hubby, my best friend and partner-in-crime.

Hubby ~ you’re the best. I love you and I really am having the time of my life 🙂

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Baby Brother Love

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen two boys so in love with their baby brother…

And they made sure to show Daddy some love after taking Double J on his first walk…

I am so blessed…my heart could just burst.

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The Wait Is Over!

And the wait was TOTALLY worth it…

Baby Boy 3.0 finally made his appearance into this world Wednesday, March 7th at 6:20 p.m….

He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and measured 20 3/4 inches long – bigger than his brothers were!

And we shall call him Double J 🙂 {Big J, Little J, and Double J}

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your prayers and sweet words – YOU are such a blessing to us!

Now, excuse me while I go back to snuggling… {more birth details and a plethora of pictures sometime this week!}


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