Friendships and Books and New Things!

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Wow. That was a LONG blogging hiatus! I’ve missed this space!

If you follow me on any social media (@homewiththeboys everywhere), you know that we were in the process of building a house this fall. We just moved into the new house on December 30th, so life is starting to finally settle back into a normal rhythm. It feels SO good. I’ll be doing a couple house tours once all of our furniture is here, but for now, I have other fun news!

I am in a book! Yes, a real book! A book that will be on bookstore shelves and on Amazon has my words in it!

I was incredibly honored to be asked to write a chapter in the very first book published by (in)courage, which is all about one of my favorite topics – friendship.

Craving Connection: 30 Challenges for Real-Life Engagement features the writing of 29 of my favorite internet (and real life) friends. Reading their stories of community has given me so much inspiration and encouragement – I can’t wait for you to read it!

This feels like a different take on women and friendship for me because it features many voices – introverts, extroverts, mothers, wives, single women, women in ministry, working women, women who have been hurt by other women, and women who find their true purpose in friendships with other women. And every single one of them loves the Lord, our true foundation for all meaningful relationships. I sincerely believe every woman can connect with at least one of the heartfelt chapters in this book and benefit from the accompanying challenges.


My chapter is based around the story of Ruth and Naomi and my own long-term friendship with my friend, Janna. When you’ve been friends since second grade and made it through all the ups and downs of middle school, girl drama, going off to college, and living in different places for the past 18 years, you know you have something special. Our friendship did not always involve our faith, but it has grown richer and more meaningful than I could have ever imagined because we now share a love for Jesus. It was pure joy to share our story of loyalty and growth. I pray that this chapter encourages you to be the loyal friend you’ve always wanted.

I’m writing about this lovely book because Craving Connection releases today! Yes, you can buy it today! I have the actual physical book in my hands and it’s just wonderful. I know you and your friends will be blessed by it, so grab your copy today! Make sure you’re also following along with (in)courage because they have SO many fun things planned to go along with this book birthday!

Here’s a challenge for today: think of a friend who has truly blessed you. What about her has been the biggest blessing to you – their humor, honesty, loyalty, something else? Leave a comment here with your answer and then tell that friend what you appreciate about her! YOU will be a big blessing to HER with your gratitutde!

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DaySpring January Specials + #inRL!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Can I take a minute to tell you WHY I share about DaySpring every month?

Not only does DaySpring offer beautiful products, card, home decor, and so on, but everything they do points to Jesus. I’ve spent time with several people on their staff and they are just the most loving, delightful human beings you will ever have the fortune to meet or work with.

And their customer service is incredible. I’ve almost never had a problem with my orders, but the very few times I did, DaySpring took care of the problem swiftly and with no hassle.

I love supporting a company that actually lives out what their products represent – Jesus.

With that said, here are the awesome Dayspring January specials…

All remaining Christmas items are 50-70% off for the annual After Christmas Sale!

This is the perfect time to stock up and save on meaningful cards, ornaments, decor and many more items! These prices will be good through the end of January!

Thank You Cards on Sale

This month only, all thank you cards are 30% off!

The sale includes boxed cards, thank you notes, premium cards, and more. All DaySpring cards feature beautiful designs and inspiring words of encouragement. These will be the only cards you want to buy from now on!

Journals + Notebooks are 30% off!

Through January, all inspirational journals & notebooks are marked 30% off. I’ve told you before, but I’ll say it again: DaySpring journals are my favorite. I would buy a new one for every month of the year if I had need for them. And right now I’m trying to think of reasons I might need more than the two lovely ones I have now! Buy these for  yourself, for friends, for gifts – they are such a blessing!

Calendars on Sale

All calendars are at least 50% off! You can save now on the whole selection of christian wall calendars, inspirational pocket organizers, and weekly appointment planners in a variety of designs, themes & prices.

January Specials

For a Special Couple - 365 Day Perpetual Calendar
Special Couple 365 Perpetual Calendar –  Sale Price $4.99 {Reg $10.99}


Mr. and Mrs. Gift Set – Sale Price $19.99 {Reg $37.95}

I Love You Head to Toe - Recordable Storybook

I Love You Head to Toe Recordable Storybook – Sale Price $9.99 {Reg $29.95}

And that’s not all the goodness coming from DaySpring right now…

Their beautiful site for women, {in}courage, has opened up registration for inRL – their FREE {in} real life conference that comes to you!


inRL is an amazing time of community right in your own area – no airfare or hotel needed. There’s not even a registration fee! And you will connect with women you could actually see again the next week! I was blessed to participate in 2012 and found such beautiful connections with women in my own city!

inRL takes place April 25-26 this year, with a powerful webcast you can watch from home Friday and inRL meetups all over the world Saturday! I can’t encourage you enough to sign up and find an event in your community. And if there isn’t one, why don’t YOU host?! Register here and you will also get free access to the all of the videos from 2012 and 2013 up through April 24th!

Have you ever been a part of inRL? What was your favorite thing about it?

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DaySpring October Deals!

DaySpring has some wonderful Sales & Monthly Specials for October, but they end with the month so you only have another day or so to take advantage of them! Wonderful gift ideas to stock up on now!

Love Came Down - 12

Love Came Down Collection- 20% off – I have the Love Came Down mug and I use it all year down. This collection is a beautiful reminder of the gift of Jesus – Love come down at Christmas! Also check out this adorable candy dish at 60% off and this gorgeous wall art at 30% off!

All Friendship Cards – 30% Off – DaySpring has the BEST selection of cards for anything and everything you could ever want to say to support or encourage or love on a friend!

(in)courage - Home for the Hearts of Women - Perpetual Calendar

Calendars and DayBrighteners – Buy 2 Get 1 Free – This (in)courage calendar sits on my nightstand and the quotes within inspire me every single day. Wall calendars, planners, and more are included in this great deal!

Use the code SHIPPING30 to get free shipping on all orders over $30! And don’t forget these specials all end October 31, 2012!

**Stay tuned for more Christmas deals from DaySpring coming soon, along with amazing Black Friday sales – DaySpring knows how to make holiday shopping totally awesome!**


*This post contains affiliate links.

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(in)RL: Nebraska Style

Before I get started with today’s post, I just want to make that all of you ladies reading this have visited incourage before.

You have, right?

If not, go NOW. Look around, read the beautiful posts, enjoy the loveliness of women sharing their hearts and pointing towards Jesus.

Now, imagine the chance to meet with these like-minded women right in your own community. Not some big, overwhelming conference, but a smaller gathering where you can mingle and chat and actually get to know ladies you could see again on a regular basis! An opportunity to build local community!

Oh, it all sounds so lovely…

And it is actually going to happen!

It’s called (in)RL and here is a little more to whet your appetite…

There will be gatherings all over the WORLD, including one right here in Nebraska!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know fellow Nebraska bloggers Deidra and Michelle over the past coupe years and they are the masterminds behind (in)RL party happening in Lincoln!

If you’re in the Lincoln area – or Omaha or anywhere in Nebraska or western Iowa or northern Kansas or you just really want to come to Nebraska – here are the local details…

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Location: Michelle’s house, Lincoln, NE

Food: Of course! Light brunch will be served!

What you can expect: Socializing, webcast from (in)courage, door prizes, and more!

You know you want to come, so what do you need to do to get yourself there?

#1 – Sign up at the official registration page. Registration is just $10 and you’ll get a fun t-shirt along with that!

#2 – Get connected on the (in)RL Lincoln Meetup page!

#3 – Watch for more details to come your way as it gets closer to the event date!

And if you’re not in the Nebraska area, head over to the (in)courage Meetups main page to find a gathering near you!

If you have any questions about (in)RL at all, head over to the Q & A page for all the answers!


So who is headed to an (in)RL meetup? Anybody joining us in Lincoln?!

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God’s Heart For You… {2012 Calendar}

Can it be 2012 yet?

No, I don’t actually want to fast forward to next year right now, but I DO want 2012 to come quickly so I can put this up…

This gorgeous calendar is from the lovely collection based on In God’s Heart I Am…, a beautiful, inspiring, truth-filled book by Holley Gerth, co-founder of (in)courage.

I have a huge family calendar on our fridge that has room for all of our activities, meal planning, etc. It is exactly what I need for that.

But we have a bulletin board right by our garage door where I like to hang something a little more appealing to the eye – something for ME! I’ve hung calendars there that featured beautiful photographs or inspiring quotes or Bible verses.

This calendar fits all of those requirements.

And it has reminders I need to read frequently – reminders that come straight from the heart of God about who He designed me to be. Who HE thinks I am, not what I or others think.

This beautiful calendar is from Blessings Unlimited, DaySpring’s home party business (think the Pampered Chef of inspirational home décor). All of these products are sold through independent Consultants. You can visit Blessings site to view the full Catalog, learn how to host a Gathering, or even start your own business. You can follow this link to find a Consultant here.

Watch out though – if you head to the Blessings Unlimited site, you might get hooked on all of their fabulous stuff!


*Disclosure: I received this calendar to review from DaySpring and Blessings Unlimited. I was not compensated in any other way for this review and all opinions are 100% my own!

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I’m a Guest Today!

Big day for me!

I have a guest post up at my favorite website – (in)courage!

If you have never been over to (in)courage, get thyself over there RIGHT. NOW. You will be uplifted and stirred in your soul every time you go there. I promise. True beauty and transparency are shared every day.

It is one of the few sites that I have sent right to my inbox so I can read the wonderful posts right away every morning!

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies of (in)courage for having me as a guest at the beach house today!

So, would you, maybe, stop by my post and leave a little comment to say hi?! Pretty please?

You would? You’re the best!

And welcome to those of you hopping over from (in)courage!

I hope you you stick around to learn more about our family, our desire to raise our boys to love the Lord and all the adventures, beauty and laughter that go along with being at Home with the Boys!

And Go Big Red!

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