Kid-Created Lego Snowboard Course!

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The boys would build with Legos non-stop if we let them. They may make a huge mess, but I LOVE the creativity that comes out in their Lego building!

Big J watched some of the X Games a few weeks back and caught snowboard fever. He’s never snowboarded before, but between the X Games, watching YouTube videos of Shaun White, our study of the upcoming Olympics, and the Disney movie Cloud Nine, snowboarding is totally on his mind. And it has showed up in his Lego building as well!

Check out his Lego snowboard course…

Lego Snowboard Course

Lego Snowboard Course Full

Lego Snowboard Course Side

The boarder is a storm trooper, obviously, because he looks like he’s wearing a snowsuit, mask, and goggles.

Lego Snowboard Course Boarder

And that’s his white, green, and red snowboard underneath him, sitting atop the course waiting for the go signal! I love all the details he added, like the flames as spotlights for night competition!

Lego Snowboard Course Boarder Side
There are also reporters on the course, a special second course, and a special snowmobile taking reporters around the course! I just had to share this and Big J was pretty excited when I told him I was blogging about it! I think it’s like an extra fist bump 🙂

If you couldn’t tell, we’re TOTALLY ready for the Winter Olympics around here!  My friend Stef and her son are ready as well with these AWESOME Lego Brick Olympics creations! My boys are so excited to try them! They already love the Winter Brick Activities ebook – perfect for these cold, snow days!

Are your kids excited about the Winter Olympics? Which Winter Olympic sports interest them most?

*This post and creation is not affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by The Lego Group or The Olympics.

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A Little London Love

These 2012 London Olympics are making me all nostalgic.

I’ve been to London three times and I’m having such fun teaching the boys all about that amazing city!

My first trip was after my senior year of high school. The second was during my freshman year of college. And the last was with The Hubby as chaperones in 2004. All three trips were music trips! {Stay involved in music, kids! You will go places!}

Here are a few of my favorite pics from that 2004 trip…

Our hotel was just a block off Piccadilly Circus – busy place!

My oh my, do we look young or what?!

A car had just driven into this gate at Buckingham Palace – I’ve always wondered who it was…

“Westminster Abbey! Hands down, best Abbey I’ve ever seen.” {name that show!}

London Eye and the Clock Tower. Did you know that is NOT Big Ben? The bell INSIDE the Clock Tower is Big Ben! You’re welcome for that bit of knowledge!

Love the Underground 🙂

The Tower of London is so cool.

So stinking cool.

And the boys’ new favorite place, Tower Bridge, which they loudly exclaim the name of every time it pops up on the television screen!

It’s so fun to have been to a place where they are now holding the Olympics! We’re enjoying every minute of watching these 2012 games! How about you?

Have you ever been to London? Or another Olympic site?

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Italian Nachos for Team USA?!

How do you like that recipe title?!

We’ve been having fun with red, white, and blue food since the Fourth of July and, with the Olympics just over a week away, I’ve just been keeping the patriotic food coming!

I took a Mexican favorite, put on Italian toppings, and made the colors support our good old USA! The result was these fun Patriotic Italian Nachos!

Here is what you need:

Ingredients: Tri-color or blue corn tortilla chips, pepperoni, and shredded mozzarella

These nachos could be made for one person on a plate in the microwave or for a group on a baking stone in the oven! Since I don’t eat cheese and the boys aren’t too adventurous, these were just for The Hubby!

On the plate, you will put chips first…

Then cheese…

Pepperoni next…

And more cheese!

Look at that pretty red, white, and blue!

You could stop right there, but The Hubby likes a few more toppings, so I added black olives…

and some turkey Italian sausage and more cheese…

Heat them in the microwave for one minute on high or until the cheese has melted.

If using the oven, heat at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

And there you have it! Serve with warm marinara sauce for dipping!

Whip up a plate or two of these while you watch the Opening Ceremonies this Friday or while you take in some swimming or track or soccer and cheer on Team USA!

I’m linking up to Tasty Tuesday today!

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Olympics Unit Study: Get Started!

We are starting the Olympics 2012 unit study tomorrow!

I know several of you bought the study and the lapbook when I mentioned it a couple weeks ago, so I just wanted to remind you that the four week study is designed to start tomorrow and finish when the Olympics end!

I’ve put together some resources, filled out my planner with each day’s activities, and I’m giddy about starting!

Have I mentioned I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics?!

I also wanted to share a few extra resources we will be using to enhance the unit study in case you are interested in them…

Heads UP! {Sports Devotions for All-Star Kids}

These devotions are in perfect format for your athlete:

Each day’s thought includes a ‘Game Plan’ memory verse, a ‘Playbook Assignment’ Scripture reading, an ‘Instant Replay’ life application question, a ‘Sports Stuff’ segment with practical athletic advice, and ‘On the Chalkboard’ final thoughts that bring everything together.

Sports Trivia Devotional: Inspiration for Kids from Sports and Scripture

This book includes fun facts from sports history from each day of the year along with a devotional. I like all the trivia as much as the boys do! The graphics are also a lot of fun and MANY different sports are mentioned! I think this will be a fun, lighthearted way to start each day – maybe while the boys eat breakfast!

Family members

Between grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles, we have several family members who have played sports that are part of the Summer Olympics {the sports, not the family members}! We will be calling or Skyping with them to learn more about those sports throughout the four weeks!


You would be amazed at the number of Olympics crafts, activities, and recipes popping up all over Pinterest right now! I have board called Olympic Awesomeness where I have been {and will continue to} collect project ideas! Let me know if you have an Olympic-themed project you want “pinned!”

If you haven’t bought your Olympics 2012 unit study, you’re not too late! Once you purchase it, a handy email with your download will show up in your inbox right away and you’ll be all ready to start tomorrow! Don’t forget to get your free lapbook to go along with it as well!

Let the games – and the study – begin!


*This post contains affiliate links.

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