A Periscope Peek at My Morning!

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Last Friday, I went live on Periscope in the early morning while my kiddos were still sleeping to give you a little peek at how I handle my morning “quiet” time. Have you tried Periscope yet? It’s pretty fun – live videos from people you choose to follow and that you can interact with during the video! I’ve worked out with one and listened to worship on another. If you’re on Periscope already or going to join now, I’m “homewiththeboys” over there, just like everywhere else!

Here’s what I shared…

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Resources mentioned in the video:

If you’re new to the whole idea of morning quiet time or need some extra guidance in how to manage that time of day, I highly recommend you check out Hello Mornings! This community started by Kat Lee is the reason is started and stuck with a focused, productive morning routine in the first place. They have great challenges and accountability – so valuable!

Talk to me about your mornings and your Bible study time – how does it look for you? How do you want it to look?

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Spiritual Mothers + Messengers

I knew there was a reason I wasn’t able to write about the #SheSharesTruth topic of spiritual mothering yet. It’s because what He had on my heart for it was just perfectly in line with the Five Minute Friday word: messenger. So I’m combining the two…

It’s Five Minute Friday with lovely Lisa-Jo!

Set a timer and just write. Don’t worry about making it just right or not.

For me? An exercise in letting go and letting words flow. Five minutes only. {yes, I do set a timer and it quacks like a duck at 5 minutes, which totally makes me smile}

Today’s prompt: Messenger

And the #SheSharesTruth topic…

How is spiritual mothering already taking place in your community? Has a godly woman influenced you in your growth in the Gospel, or has mentoring a young believer impacted your life? How would you like to see Titus 2 shape your relationships moving forward?


And go…

These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God. ~Titus 2:4-5

The call in Titus 2 to us as women is very clear. Older women are to teach the younger women, and not just older as in years, but further along the path, if even just by a little bit.

I have seen so many women floundering with no one leading or encouraging them in the ways of Christian womanhood. And I’ve heard lots of excuses from women why they aren’t being these mentors to younger women: work, too busy, not “good enough,” nobody wants to hear from me. Yes, they do, and knowing and experiencing all this makes me want to be a spiritual mother even more when the time is right.

Spiritual Mothers

We need messengers, ladies. Women who aren’t there just to say, “Cherish this time.” We need honest messengers of hope and Truth, women who have raised families well in the name of the Lord, not perfectly, but with His grace. Women who know the struggles of the daily motherhood grind and looked to the Lord to sustain them.

My heart is burdened to tell the next generation of women and moms that it is all worth it, but it is NOT easy and that is all the more reason we need Jesus. I love all the things Titus mentions – marriage and home and family – but I could not do a single one without the Spirit guiding me and giving me fresh strength when I’m all out.

I’m grateful for the honest spiritual mothers that have brought these messages to me – not sugarcoated with “You can do it!”, but rather messages full of understanding and the reminder to always look to Jesus to guide me and get me through one day at a time.

Wherever you are in your journey, FIND those messengers and BE those messengers, sisters. Spiritual mothering is a holy call.



Read the beautiful words of my fellow writers over at Five Minute Friday and She Reads Truth today!

How has spiritual mothering been important to you? If you don’t have a spiritual mother, what would you hope to gain from one?


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How I Approach Bible Study

I am no Bible scholar, just a woman who loves her quiet time in the Word of God. I’m guessing a lot of you are like me, wanting to get the most out of your Bible study no matter how much time you have set aside. I would prefer to have several hours a day to read, pray, and study, but as a mom of three, that just doesn’t happen. I have to prioritize and plan my time well to get the most out of my Bible study.

I have fallen in love with the She Reads Truth studies, so I wanted to share today how I approach my Bible study time with the current She Reads Truth study of Titus as my example. I have no degrees or training in how to study the Bible, but I do have experience in trying many ways and this is what has personally worked for me!

Bible Study Approach


I always start my Bible study with a short prayer asking God to reveal His heart and will for me in the words I read. This helps me focus and pay attention to the nudging of the Holy Spirit as I read the passage.

Bible Study Closed Bible

Read the Bible passage before anything else

This is the step that has changed things for me. Often during Bible studies, I would read the devotion first and then read the Bible verses. I found this was affecting my ability to process the passage through what God wanted to say to me. Instead, I had the thoughts and conclusions of another human in my mind as I read the verses. When I read the Bible, I want GOD to speak to me, not another person. Sometimes what God wants me to learn is completely different from the Bible study topic and I don’t want to miss what He has to say!

Bible Study Bible

Underline and journal any significant verses

Underlining and writing down Bible verses helps me remember them better. And even if I forget them, I know have made a special note in my Bible or journal that I can refer back to when needed.

Bible Study Verses

Read devotion

Reading the Bible study devotion comes later in my process, but it is still very important. As I said before, I want God’s Word to be the foremost thing in my mind. And many times He has something specific He wants me to catch in that reading. But other times, I need a little guidance or inspiration. After having read the verses myself, I love reading what others gleaned from the passage. Often it is different than what stood out to me, but that makes the time even richer! The She Reads Truth studies have been challenging for me and inspired lots of growth. My notebook usually has two sections of notes – what I got from reading the Bible for myself and then additional thoughts, questions, lessons from whatever devotion I’m reading. It works the same when I read Spurgeon or go through a Naptime Diaries journal.

Bible Study Prayer

Pray again

These prayers are inspired by the reading of the day. Because of the She Reads Truth workbooks, I’ve been writing down these concluding prayers and it is very focusing for me. I like bringing all my loose ends, questions, broken pieces, and big dreams and laying them at His feet to tie up this sweet time with my Lord. Writing it down helps my mind to not wander and for heart to be left totally in His care.

Bible Study Application

What next?

This is another practice I’ve added because of the She Reads Truth workbooks. What do I need to act on from this time of study and prayer? Are there practical applications? Steps I need to take next? Reminders I need to place around my home to keep a certain truth in front of me? I never ever want to walk away from my time with God and forget what He has just shown me. Often this section is full of questions I write to challenge myself to grow in Him, but other times there are people I ned to connect with or things I need to walk away from that are jotted down in this area.


Some days, this process moves quickly. Other days, I want to linger over a certain passage or prayer. But even when I am short on time, I still try to stick to this plan, and if I have to set it aside to come back to later, I just pick up where I left off. Each of these steps have helped me to find a greater love for the Word. The more I read and study this way, the more I want to read and study the Bible! It has honestly become one of my favorite things to do, learning and growing through His love letters to us. I don’t think it is a magic formula, but it works for me!


Do you have a Bible study method that works well for you?

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