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Wednesdays are for What I Wore! As a mom of boys, it’s fun for me to share my girlie side here each week talking fashion!

IMG_7371 3

Last week was the funeral for a fallen police officer in our community. It is such an incredibly sad situation, but I was so moved by how our community came together to honor her. This is one of the memorial shirts to benefit her family. I wore it down to police headquarters with the boys to see the memorial placed there by people from all over the state.


Anybody else dealing with rollercoaster weather in your area? We’ve had warm days and cool days, but much more of the latter, so coffee + my Evy’s Tree hoodies have been a lifesaver. The coral Diana is the perfect summer wrap – lightweight, dreamy soft, versatile. I adore it.


Apparently I decided to match our lunch location with my Evy’s Tree Brilla! The hoodie was accompanied by my fave gray tee and the best jeans ever from Maurice’s. I want to wear these jeans every single day.

Remember how I said I adore the Evy’s Tree Diana? Here it is again! I think I wore it every day this past weekend. It was the perfect jacket for our anniversary date night, paired with a fun burgundy top + white capris from Target, gold jewelry from Charming Charlie’s, my fashionABLE Mayume tote, and these amazing Clarks wedges!


If you need me this summer, I’ll be at the tennis courts at least four hours a week for the kids’ lessons! There are no trees around the courts, so it’s either windy + chilly (like it was yesterday) or super duper hot! Yesterday was definitely hoodie weather, so obviously I grabbed my Evy’s Tree Ashley hoodie with my fave Old Navy tank + GAP shorts. I love tennis so much and being in the sun is a major bonus! Summer, we’re so glad you’re here!

What have you been wearing this week?



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What I Wore

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Welcome to my weekly What I Wore post – a chance for me to get all girly and talk a little fashion since I live with ALL BOYS. If I started talking about ethical fashion and luxury hoodies with them, I would be ditched for Legos in about 1.4 seconds. Instead, I share it here with you and on Instagram because that is my favorite social media channel ever!

Here we go with what I wore this past week…


Okay, you can hardly see what I’m wearing in this photo, but my friend Marie and I were sporting leis and festive head wear for Hawaiian Night at AWANA…while the winter wind howled outside to remind us we weren’t REALLY in Hawaii. As if we could forget…


I went all matchy-matchy with Big J for our family day at the zoo. Not only did we both grab our Converse to wear that day with cuffed jeans, but we also wore our awesome new Wildly Co. shirts! Wildly Co. is the very best idea ever – ethical fashion basics for kids – and it was started by my friend Hayley and her husband!

Big J is wearing the pullover in teal with heather trim. He loves it. And I’m wearing one of the limited edition tees from their initial Kickstarter campaign! The boys also have several tees from earlier Wildly Co. lines – they are all amazing! Two things to watch for with Wildly Co.:

  1. Enter your email on the Wildly Co. home page to 15% off your first order!
  2. Watch for their limited edition monthly tees – a new one each month!

Also in the zoo outfit is my Krochet Kids beanie and my newest Evy’s Tree hoodie which may also be my favorite! The Brilla ruffles are perfection, the weight is great for any season, and the color is just what this Husker fan was hoping for! Here’s a closer look at the ruffles and pockets:

I’m warning you: you’ll be seeing this hoodie in LOTS of What I Wore posts from now on and I’m not sorry about it!


Saturday comfort at it’s finest: another amazing Evy’s Tree hoodie, comfy wide leg jeans, and a hat. Double J and I were cuddled up after a day filled with a long run, basketball game, and The Hubby being on call at the hospital. We were all ready for bed at this moment!


When wind chills have dominated the winter weather, 35º feels like a heat weave, so on Sunday I pulled out my favorite Target clearance dress and shrug, paired it with leggings, threw on my new PopBasic necklace {get $15 off with that link!}, and celebrated the “warmth” as we headed to church!

And since it was also the first day of March, it was a no-brainer to wear my green flats from The Root Collective. Stay tuned this week because The Root Collective is launching their new spring line of shoes and you’re going to LOVE them! Trust me – I already have a pair!


It is only fitting to finish up today’s post with a great new shirt that perfectly captures my favorite month! I look for great St. Patrick’s Day shirts every year around this time and usually find something for the whole family at Old Navy. I was disappointed with their selection for women this year, but never fear, because Target came through with several cute options!

This was the PERFECT shirt – super comfy, no year listed on it, GREEN. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this a million times this month, as well as year-round because I’m just a huge fan. If you’re looking for a St. Patty’s Day shirt for yourself, check out Target this year!

Spring is ALMOST here – what are you looking forward to wearing once the weather warms up?

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What I Wore

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

I might not be very consistent with these What I Wore posts lately, but Wednesdays and fashion posts will always go hand in hand for me. Im particularly motivated by my friend Stacey who keeps up her cute What I Wore posts which make me want to join in!

I’m a really big fan of fall and winter clothes, but I’m starting to get the itch to wear spring clothes! Who’s with me on that? Well, apparently Nebraska weather doesn’t care about what I want to wear. The temps keep plummeting below zero, so I’ll keep myself bundled up in hoodies and boots for a while longer!

Here’s what I wore the last few weeks, completely in iPhone pics…

Museum field trip day – Evy’s Tree Sophie, Everlane u-neck tee, Stitch Fix jeans, Born Peggy clogs, 107 Market Street necklace + earrings

Big J’s basketball game on Valentine’s Day – Evy’s Tree Red Ava Racer

A LONG Friday at home – Revelation Wellness hoodie, Old Navy puffer vest

Ellie Holcomb concert with Big J – ABLE Scarf from fashionABLE {get 10% off your order through this link}, black sweater tunic + camo skinny pants from Target

Cold church morning – Evy’s Tree Brooke tunic, Jacob’s Scarves blanket scarf {warmest ever}

Mothering + meetings – Target cardigan, Elegantees cap-sleeve top, The Root Collective necklace + earrings

Bible study at my house – super comfy Piko top from Layla’s Shop, ABLE scarf, GAP mint skinny cords, Born clogs

What are you wearing to stay warm as winter continues to stick around?

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What I Wore: Fall Capsule Wardrobe {Vol. 1}

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

This fall capsule wardrobe thing has me back in the swing of What I Wore Wednesday! It’s been a few weeks since I committed to my capsule wardrobe and I am still loving it! I have not felt limited for outfit choices at all. I am dying for fall weather to kick in full throttle so I can start layering more!

Here’s what I wore in the past few weeks from my capsule wardrobe…

WIWW 10:8 1

striped tunic – H&M, white jeans – Target, flats – The Root Collective, necklace – Charming Charlie’s

WIWW 10:8 2

grey tee – Old Navy, skinny jeans – Target, grey ankle boots – Steve Madden, Genet scarf – fashionABLE {available for a limited time through Kickstarter right now!}, Mamuye tote – fashionABLE

black drape tank – Everlane, Josie hoodie – Evy’s Tree, red jeans – Target, Tierdrop necklace – Noonday Collection, Willow boots – Lane Boots

WIWW 10:8 4

navy u-neck tee – Everlane, vest – made from fashionABLE scarf, jeans – Ann Taylor {thrifted}, flats – The Root Collective, sunglasses – H&M

Packers tee – Target, Packers hat – Scheels…and the PACKERS WIN!

WIWW 10:8 6

Brooke tunic + infinity scarf – Evy’s Tree, black leggings – Target, moccasin boots – Minnetonka

white tee + black maxi – GAP, scarf – fashionABLE, wild copper ballet flats – Tieks

be kind to you tee – Revelation Wellness, white jeans – Target, necklace – The Root Collective, denim stripe TOMS

That last tee is a new addition to the capsule and I have just a couple more to introduce to you next week! One of the advantages of this capsule wardrobe thing is how it has curbed my impulse shopping. While I was in Nashville, we spent an afternoon at a mall and I didn’t even feel tempted to buy any clothes! I did snag some new sunglasses, but that’s it! I love that I have a well-thought-out plan for the season to save me money, time, and space!

So what have you been wearing lately? Any new fall favorites? Have you taken the capsule wardrobe plunge?!


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What I Wore: Uncommon Goods

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I like fashion. A lot. Getting dressed – a full outfit – each and every day is one of my ways to take care of myself and put my best self out there for my family. But if we’re just going to be home all day, I like to be comfortable. And warm. Wearing something like this…

Uncommon Goods Outfit

Flannel shirt, comfy jeans. Fall + winter perfection. And while I spent the day at home, a little jewelry was in order because I have a new favorite bracelet and I want to wear it all the time…

Uncommon Goods Bracelet

That gorgeous bracelet right there? That’s from the lovely people at Uncommon Goods, a company all about unique gifts at great prices. I could spend hours over there looking through all the beautiful accessories and home pieces, but the handmade items at Uncommon Goods are really where it’s at. And when I scrolled past this bracelet, I didn’t need to look any further.

Uncommon Goods Handmade

The Love Birch Cuff, handmade by Nancy Nelson, is just the right mix of glam and casual for me. This week I wore it church and at home. It works for jeans + a flannel or with a date night dress. And it celebrates the blessing that is my best friend, partner in life, husband. That’s my favorite part about it. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure my kids can’t break it. Solid brass for the win! {You can order it with or without personalization}

The handmade section of Uncommon Goods is treasure chest of beautiful gift idea, and even includes a recycled items section! How adorable is this necklace from the recycled collection?!

Mother Nestling BirdsI mean seriously with this Mother Nestling Birds necklace. So gorgeous and meaningful!

You’ll find so many things to love at Uncommon Goods! You HAVE to go look around for yourself! Send a few links to your loved ones for gift ideas – you will get the best, unique presents ever!

Have you had a look around at Uncommon Goods yet? What caught your eye?


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*I received this bracelet to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own!


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What I Wore: #JEANuary


Some sweet friends of mine took on a challenge in December – wearing a dress everyday in order to raise awareness about human trafficking. I found out about Dressember late and so wished I would have joined in, so I was thrilled to learn of another opportunity to use what I wear to bring attention to a worldwide problem.


#JEANuary combines two things I love: denim and Freeset. For the whole month of January, I’m wearing jeans or denim of some form every single day, posting on social media, and encouraging YOU to buy from Freeset, an organization I adore that rescues women from the sex slave industry and provides jobs for them to support their families.


I want you to know about Freeset because you don’t have to start a charity or go to India yourself to help end the horrific reality of human trafficking. Organizations like Freeset are already doing this and need your support – all you have to do is purchase their beautiful, handmade products! And telling your friends would be great as well. Imagine the impact – I told you, you told some friends, they told their friends…and so the ripple effect goes!


Freeset’s rockstars are their sturdy, beautiful bags of all sizes. I use them for EVERYTHING – groceries, beach bag, traveling, library. But they also have awesome bangles and tees and everything you buy provides income for the women who have been rescued from slavery and are now making doing beautiful work with their hands.


#JEANuary isn’t about wearing denim. It’s about spreading awareness. It’s about not ignoring the problem of human trafficking anymore, but doing what we can right where we are to give a voice to the women and children trapped in slavery.


I put on my boymom shirt with jeans yesterday to celebrate the launch of my dear friend Brooke’s Praying for Boys {affiliate link} book launch, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the boy moms in other parts of the world who have been forced to sell themselves to feed and support their sons. My heart ached for them all day. So I pray and spread the word and ask God to use me in His will to make a difference for these women.

Even if it’s just wearing jeans every day of January or buying a bag.

We’re a few days into #JEANuary, but you can still join in!


~Sign up using the linky on Coffee With The Mrs. so everyone can follow you and see what you’re doing!

~Wear jeans {or your favorite denim piece as mentioned above} during the month of January, posting a picture to {at least} instagram to help raise awareness. {have fun with this!!}

~Tell your friends and family about what you’re doing and encourage them to shop from Freeset to help support the women they’ve freed and make room for more women to join them.
~SHOP! Go buy something from Freeset to feature in your pics.

For now, the only way to help Freeset raise money right now is by shopping from them….and we ladies know how to get that done, right?!

FOLLOW JEANuary on Instagram & Twitter as well as @FreesetUSA on Twitter so you can keep up with the good word!
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What I Wore: Lavished Grace

Just because the days are cold and gray doesn’t mean I have to be, right?!

Lavished Grace Outside

I picked up a soft, comfy gray sweater dress at the GAP Outlet this weekend. It is heavenly, but it is just gray, so I wanted to add some color and brightness! I turned to my newest set of jewelry – a necklace and bracelets from Lavished Grace!

Lavished Grace Bracelet

These beautiful recycled beads, shown above in three stacking bracelets, were handmade by women in Uganda. The sale of these beads helps feed and house their families, send their children to school. receive medical care, and find hope for the future.

And because these beads came through Lavished Grace, the sale of these beads also helps my friend Rebekah’s family raise money for their adoption from Uganda!

Lavished Grace Necklace

This necklace is so fun because it is SUPER long, so you can wear it many ways! I have it doubled here, but I also love it tripled up!

Lavished Grace Boots

And I added magenta tights. I had to. They are just too fun. I should wear them more often, right?!

Please take some time to visit the Lavished Grace shop to buy some gorgeous handmade products and support this lovely family of six as they look to add one more from Uganda! Get 20% off your order with the code homewiththeboys as well!

And we’re giving away one necklace and bracelet set here today! Just enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Rebekah for telling me about Lavished Grace and sending me the beads to wear and review! I love them and will pray for your family every time I wear them!

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What I Wore: Johari Creations

I have a new favorite necklace, friends.

Johari Necklace

Oh. My. Stars. This Picasso Necklace is just gorgeous, made by artisans in Vietnam from handcrafted African horn.

Johari Full

And it is from Johari Creations, a new shop that launched this fall with an amazing mission…

Johari Creations is a marketplace for handcrafted products made by artisans in developing countries around the world. We seek to come alongside our artisan partners with sustainable incomes, holistic development and shared work and responsibility. We believe amazing beauty can come from poverty and while the artisans handcraft stunning products, it is the artisans themselves we celebrate as “johari” – the Swahili word for jewel.

I connected with the ladies of Johari Creations through the Influence Network, and I couldn’t be happier to share their beautiful hearts and products with you!

Johari Creations is founded on and empowered by the biblical mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are compelled by our love for Jesus to set right the injustice of poverty whenever it is within our power.

Johari Creations has beautiful accessories for women and children, handmade by artisans in developing countries all over the world – everything from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to bibs, headbands, and scarves! Their Johari Jr. line is totally adorable. They even have toys and Christmas ornaments!

Johari Creations is offering 20% off to all of my readers with the code homewiththeboys20 right now! And make sure you order by December 16th to get your items in time for Christmas!

I also wanted to mention that there are ways for you to partner with Johari! In addition to providing jobs for women, Johari also donates a portion of all sales to families in the adoption process! You can be a part of this by becoming a Johari ambassador and hosting trunk shows!

You can also connect with Johari Creations on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!


*I am linking up to What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy!

Thank you to Johari Creations for providing me with this fabulous necklace to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own!


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What I Wore: Layla’s Shop

I love this crazy social media world because you never know who you’ll end up connecting with! Several weeks ago, I discovered Layla’s Shop through Instagram, and today I get to show you some of their fabulous AND affordable wardrobe pieces and accessories!

Layla's Shop Full

The lace tunic was exactly what I had been looking for – a nice, long, feminine top that covers my rear! I love the antique gold buttons, and although I’m not usually a huge lace fan, I adore the lace detail at the bottom of this top…

Layla's Shop Lace

Layla’s Shop has a little bit of everything – great tops, pants, coats, bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry, like this gorgeous piece…

Layla's Shop Necklace

I love this metallic statement necklace! It goes with so many different outfits and can dress up even a basic solid tee. I thought is was fun that it matched the buttons on the tunic!

A few things you need to know about Layla’s Shop: they find GREAT deals for you and offer them at GREAT prices. They host fun deals on Instagram every day. And everything goes fast! So if you see something you like, get it now before it’s gone!

There are still a few carryover $5 sale items left from Black Friday and there are fun new arrivals added all the time! Seriously, go follow them on Instagram NOW to keep up with the fabulous deals!

AND…wait for it… You can get 20% off your entire order with the code Homewiththeboys now through December 10th!!!

Now, head on over to Layla’s Shop and find something you love! And come back to tell me what you ordered!


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**I was provided these items to review by Layla’s Shop. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own!


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Outlet Malls + Mustard Pants

This past weekend, a big outlet mall opened here in Nebraska. My awesome hubby suggested I invite my mom and sister for an opening weekend shopping extravaganza while he watched the kiddos.

He’s a keeper, that one.

The nearest outlet mall to us before was over three hours away, so I was a little giddy about this one opening up a whole lot closer. And I was even more giddy about a girls’ day shopping with my mom and sister!

Girls at Outlets

We did Christmas shopping. We found clothes for our kiddos. We had fun looking at cute maternity stuff for my sister, who is due with baby #2 on Big J’s birthday in April! Isn’t she cute?!

Maternity Outlet

Of course, I had to do a little looking around for myself! I will definitely be back to the Nike store for some running gear. That place was huge!

Nike Outlet

The only thing I snagged for myself was on clearance at J. Crew! I had no idea I wanted mustard pants until I tried these comfy corduroys on…

Mustard Pants and Stripes

These are the matchstick style and ended up only being $18! Those are the kind of deals I love at outlet malls! I paired with a new clearance top from DownEast Basics, a necklace from Charming Charlie, and some low pointy heels {but I will probably switch to flats by the end of the day}!

Mustard Pants and Pointy Shoes

I’ve been pinning outfit ideas for these mustard pants over on my In My Closet board and there are more ways to wear them than I would have thought!

Are you an outlet mall shopper? What’s your best find at an outlet store?

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