So I heard via Twitter that Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales) and Tyndale House were teaming up to create a DVD series for kids called “What’s in the Bible?”

Sounded fun.

And then I won a preview DVD, so we popped it in the other day.

The kids were glued to it. And wanted to watch the less-than-10-minute DVD over and over again!

Phil Vischer’s goal is to get the Bible into kids’ lives OUTSIDE of church activities. And based on my kids’ reaction, they would want to watch this every day!

Fun puppets, cute cartoons, catchy songs, and of course the trademark Veggie Tales-type humor – kids laugh, but adults think its hilarious – all combine to make this something to look forward to! I especially love the guys in seventies-style tuxedos singing about the book of Samuel. Awesome!

The “What’s in the Bible?” DVDs launch from Tyndale House in March 2010 and we cannot wait!

Thanks to Tyndale House for sending me this DVD! We are excited!