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My 31 Days of NOT Having It All series was well planned out, but I did not write all of the posts ahead. Bad blogger, I know.

When last week became very busy, I had to decide whether to cram in some hurried blog posts just to fill the 31 days OR be present in my “real life” and help diffuse some of the crazy. Real life won.

I stressed about messing up the whole 31 days things for about an hour. Then the guilt went away. And I had an AMAZING weekend.

I missed writing a little bit, but I knew, after living some great offline life over the weekend, I would have a much clearer mind, fuller heart, and the fresh motivation to continue where I left off.

Bloggers – you don’t HAVE to post every day. Take a break. Live life so you can write about it. And feel no guilt in the process. Your readers AND your family and friends will probably – or definitely – be grateful you did.

A few highlights of life while I was neglecting 31 Days…

Carb loading at HuHot…


Waiting in the cold with one of my bestest friends {of 25 years!} to run the Fargo Mini Marathon…


Janna, The Hubby, and I all PRed in the half, despite the COLD and WIND! 


My goal was to break 2:00 and I NEVER would have made it in that wind without Janna pushing me the whole way. I sounded like I might die during those last few miles in the wind, but we finished strong, her at 1:59:29 and me at 1:59:32!


The Hubby was WELL ahead of us, finishing in 1:34:36, a new PR by 21 seconds. Yes. He is SUPER fast.


And the best part is he was waiting for me at the finish. Totally the best. I absolutely love running races with this guy.


We also got to celebrate my dad’s birthday and The Hubby’s dad’s birthday this weekend. They both turn 60 this week, just four days apart! It was so special to celebrate with each of them!

My dad…


 And the fam…


And while we were off running, the boys had a blast at Grandpa and Grandma’s and made these adorable pumpkins!


Happy fall! And stay tuned as I play a little catch up with 31 Days this week!