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Say it with me:

I don’t HAVE to make everything from scratch.

I don’t have to make EVERYTHING from scratch.

I don’t have to make everything from SCRATCH.

I really love to cook and bake, especially for my family. I love serving them homemade meals and snacks and treats and seeing how much they enjoy them.

But I do NOT make everything from scratch and I have no desire to.

Make Everything from Scratch

We have more healthy food options available at the grocery store than ever before – organic, grass-fed, whole wheat…you get the idea. But I sense this underlying guilt from moms everywhere who feel like they should be making everything homemade.

Even though I love cooking and baking, I just cannot make everything from scratch. There is just not enough time in the day. And while healthy eating is a battle I choose to fight for our family, the homemade thing is not.

There are a few things I do love made at home – bread, pizza dough, granola, taco seasoning – but there are plenty of items that are store-bought and I am just fine with that. And so is my sanity. Oh, and don’t even get me started on having my own garden – it would all be dead before I even planted it…

Many families need to choose more homemade things because of food allergies. I applaud those moms who put so much work and love into making sure their children have healthy foods that won’t make them sick. Some families enjoy making homemade food together as a bonding experience. I really love that idea, but that is just not our family right now!

Whatever a family’s reason might be for making most things homemade, that is their choice and not any kind of judgement on you. Free yourself from cooking and baking expectations you’ve arrived at because of comparison and guilt.

You CAN find healthy options for your family at the grocery store. And choosing more whole foods – fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts – for your family’s diet is actually a great way to feed your family better AND avoid the “homemade” guilt!

If you love making everything from scratch, yay for you! And I would love an invite to eat your yummy food sometime! But if you don’t love it or you don’t have time for it or the thought of making everything homemade sends you into a panic – DON’T DO IT. Just don’t. And be ok with that.

I’m going to go enjoy my store-bought whole wheat English muffin with store-bought natural peanut butter and honey…

Are you a domestic diva when it comes to homemade food, a store-bought girl, or somewhere in the middle?