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Everybody is writing a book these days. An ebook, a handbook, a devotional, a novel, an inspirational best-seller…

Everybody is writing a book these days…except me.

If I’m being completely honest, I have allowed not having a book on the market to make me feel less important and valued in the writing community.

While I know this is NOT true and is just how I FEEL, I am nagged by the reality that the majority of my blogging friends have written some kind of book and I haven’t.

I am 100% sincerely thrilled for all of the wonderful author friends who have released books since I have known them. I actually have felt very little jealousy in that area. I know the hours and hours of hard work they have put in to bring these books to life.

God actually put an idea for a book in my heart over a year ago. It is still sitting there in my heart. There are a few random notes in Evernote. I even have a book proposal drafted. But I also have the feeling that now is not the time. And there might never be a time. I’m learning to be ok with that…kind of.

I would really like to write that book – or any other book He gives me – someday, but I don’t HAVE to write a book.

Write a Book

In my life, right now, I don’t have those hours and hours to commit to book writing. I’ve tried. It just did not work with our family and current lifestyle. I felt God telling me to wait.

So I’m still waiting. And this wait has helped see the other areas He wants me to be focusing on that would get no attention were I to be writing a book.

If you’re plugging away at writing – on your blog, in a journal, for school – and have similar thoughts to mine about book writing, I want to encourage you to keep writing where you are until God tells you to GO. You don’t have to write a book right now to be considered a writer. We can learn and grow and be a writer without a book.

For me, the writing I love and that works right now is right here. Knowing you are reading and hearing your thoughts makes me a better person and writer every day. Thank you for being a part of this place.