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We’ve talked all week about the downsides of trying to have it all, but is “having it all” ever a good thing?

I actually think it can be. The whole trying thing is the worst part, but when we get rid of that, there are some good feelings attached with having it all.

Maybe you’ll have a moment like this over the weekend…

You are answering a million questions from your five-year-old while snuggled on the couch, trying to monitor the 19-month-old who constantly gets into all the things but always has a cute, mischievous smile that helps him not get into trouble. The Hubby and your seven-year-old are vacuuming out the minivan from your recent super-duper long road trip and you realize…

I really do have it all.

Can having it all be good

The key to “having it all” being a good thing is using those words to remind us just how blessed we are.

“Having it all” is not a place to dwell lest we become proud and forget our need for the One who gives and takes away, but it is ok – even good for you – to recognize the presence of all the good gifts that has come from above.

We should never feel guilty for thinking, “I have it all,” but we must keep it in the right perspective. If you’ve been swamped down with trying to have somebody else’s “all,” now is the time to look at the “all” you have right now.

Tomorrow, we’re going to take a closer look at what God’s Word has to say about “having it all,” but go ahead today and thank Him for the “all” you have because He gave His all.

Count those blessings, smile, and enjoy your weekend!