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As we continue through the rest of these 31 Days of NOT Having It All, we’ll be taking an honest look at all the things we don’t really HAVE to have or do, and we’ll be doing this in order to live more fully our role in the body of Christ. Join me as we start chipping away at the extra things crowding our hearts, minds, and to-do lists!

Say Yes to Every Good Opportunity

I don’t HAVE to…say yes to every good opportunity.

I can be a people pleaser. And I really like to be included. So quite naturally, when I am asked to do something and lead something or be a part of something, my default answer has usually been yes. Those yeses have seemed like the path to “having it all,” but they have gotten me in WAY over my head often, most of the time leaving my family and home neglected.

I think all of you are talented and smart and wonderful {it’s true – you are}, and with that package, there are bound to be a lot of good things coming your way. You’ll be asked to help with this or contribute to that or go to here or there.

Some of the things will be easy to say no to, but a lot will be stuff you would like to do. Stuff that you are honored to be asked to do. You will really want to say yes…

to that special committee at your child’s school…

to being a contributor to that website you love…

to going to that women’s retreat…

My mind screams “YES!” to all of these because they all sound special and fun, but my heart is starting to learn that lots of good things crowd out the best things God has intended for me.

It is NOT wrong to say yes to any of the things I listed above, but every good opportunity deserves prayer and careful consideration to determine whether or not it is the best of use of the time and talents God has given you.

Even the wonderful things that come our way require time and energy. There will be at least one no that happens somewhere in our lives for every yes we say. As we say yes in the name of having it all, we could end up saying no to our families, our homes, our God-given ministry.

I want to give you permission today to stop chasing “having it all” and using yes as your default. I want for you the same thing I want for myself:

I want to be able to differentiate between the good things and the best things for me and my family at this moment in time.

I pray that God will give me and each of you the wisdom, guidance, and clarity to make these yes/no decisions based solely on His best for us.

Are you a “yes” person or do you find it easy to say no?