Day 8: I Don’t HAVE to…Cook Pin-Worthy Meals

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As I write this, I’m enjoying a delicious bowl of breakfast pumpkin quinoa, the recipe for which I found on Pinterest. Ironic, as this post is about NOT needing to be a Pinterest-worthy chef or baker!

I have a love affair with Pinterest now, but I used to hate it. Yep, I used the word hate. My boys would tell you, “We don’t say hate in this house!” But before I learned to use Pinterest to my advantage, it made me feel like a terrible everything.

Pinterest is FULL of great ideas {we’ll talk about food today and some other areas later this month}, but as I would look through all the amazing recipes, I started to feel like the world’s worst mother for serving my children store-bought chicken nuggets and making plain old quesadillas with plain old cheddar cheese instead of vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, super-duper amazing quesadillas. {Ok, those aren’t a real thing, but all of those labels are being thrown out nonstop on Pinterest and they make my head spin!}

The reality is my husband and I are picky eaters, and even though we’ve branched out more as we get older, we’re still not real adventurous in the food department. And worth even more consideration is the fact that we have three boys, seven years old and under, and they have inherited our picky ways.

As I would peruse Pinterest for new recipes to try, my cooking self-esteem would plummet as I saw the elaborate dishes my mom friends were cooking for their children who loved every bite. I actually love to cook and bake, but most nights, I just can’t whip up a meal worthy of Pinterest glory, and if I did, my kids probably wouldn’t eat it!

Cook Pin-Worthy Meals

I am in a season of life where I need to find quick, easy meals that are healthy for my children. I don’t HAVE to serve a painstakingly crafted meal with several fancy sides that will only suck time away from other important things I could be doing and that will probably not be appreciated the way I would hope.

If you love to cook meals like this and have the time to do it and your family enjoys, go for it! Cook away! I will drool over your pictures and maybe try your recipe for a fancy occasion.

For this time in my life, I’m sticking with the meals my family loves and stepping away from the gourmet pins.

With all of this being said, Pinterest CAN be a great resource for exactly the kind of meals I need right now. Our whole family loves these mini corn dog muffins and this EASY chicken taco chili is a big hit for The Hubby and I {without the beans, of course, because, like I said, we are picky}. Spend your time on Pinterest searching for specific things, such as “easy weeknight meals” or “5 ingredients or less” to find just what you need and to keep yourself from getting discouraged! {If you want to connect with me on Pinterest, click here! We can share super-easy, real kid-approved recipes!}

Is feeding your family a source of frustration or fun for you? How could you make mealtime easier on yourself?


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  1. My husband hasn’t eaten with us for a while now since he doesn’t get home until after 7 so our meals have been quick and easy…and not the most nutritous…but hopefully it will change when we are settled in a new home! My easy meals are frozen waffles, pancakes, hot dogs, frozen pizza, mac n cheese, and sandwiches….fun times! I also have friends who are making 3 meals a day for their entire family…breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it *seems* to me they are elaborate meals…who knows though…that is just what it seems.

  2. I really, really needed to hear this today!! My kids started a private Christian school this year and I’ve gone back to work pretty much full time. I’ve really struggled with guilt over not having time to make everything from scratch like I used to. I’m still making healthy (enough) meals, but having to rely on more convenience foods than before. This post helped me realized that this is a busy season of my life and I just have to do the best I can. Having time to play with the kids in the afternoons after school and work is my priority now…not fancy “pinterest-y” meals.

  3. We aren’t picky eaters, but I do love food and love to cook. I love making things that I love to eat. Ha! 🙂 So, for me, Pinterest has been great. My husband says that I don’t cook anything simple but it’s truly only because I love food. And they’re not always fancy, by any means. And I cook three days a week and the rest of the days we eat leftovers. It’s just better on the budget and keeps me out of the kitchen 7 nights of the week. But crafting? I don’t craft. Ha! No Pinterest crafts for me and my kiddos. It’s just not my thing.

  4. I agree, I have a love/hate thing with Pinterest, and hate is a bad word at our house, too! I have found some great recipes on there and I also find myself getting overwhelmed with all the ingredients or time to make some of them. So I limit myself to a recipe list, and also a time frame, too. Great post!

  5. I absolutely HATE cooking! Yes, I said hate also. There are two things I have done to make it bearable. 1) Frozen meal co-ops. A group of friends and I gather to make 10 meals per family in a matter of 3-4 hours, all at the same time. They are all crock pot meals so I pull the bag out of the freezer the day before and boom! Dinner is quick and easy. Also, on the nights I’m not using the pre-made crock pot dinners and have to actually cook, I queue up the Hall & Oates station on Pandora and listening to my favorite songs gets me through the dreaded task of cooking!