Discovering My Mission…

I wrote about my Top Ten Books to Read in 2011 a few weeks back and I thought this week would be a great time to share some of my thoughts on the books I have read and am reading right now.

Yesterday was One Thousand Gifts.

Today, over at the MOB Society, I’m sharing the life change coming out of reading the The Mission of Motherhood.

And it’s all based around this AMAZING quote from the lovely Mrs. Sally Clarkson…

“As it is, after eighteen years of learning the truth of living sacrificially, I have found that embracing God’s call to motherhood once and for all has brought me great peace. Instead of seeing fusses and messes as irritations in my day, for instance, I am more likely to see them as opportunities to train my children to be peacemakers and to learn to be responsible for their own messes. Instead of resenting the interruptions in my schedule, I am more likely to accept them as divine appointments. More and more, I have learned to see my children through the eyes of God and to accept the stages of growth through which he has designed them to grow.”

You can read more about how her book is helping me discover my real mission in life over at the MOB today!

A little hint: it has to do with these two…

What quotes have helped you discover your mission in life?

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  1. I just highlighted this passage from The Mission of Motherhood: “Meanwhile, the minority of mothers who choose to devote their lives to the nurturing of a godly heritage by focusing on their home as the center of life find themselves unsupported and unaffirmed by a culture that does not value their contribution. The hard, daily, repetitive work of making a home a haven, providing healthy meals, correcting and training little ones, and constantly cleaning up messes is perceived as menial labor instead of the stuff from which godliness is built.”

  2. Love this one from the same book: “And the fundamental mission of motherhood now is the same as it always was: to nurture, protect, and instruct children, to create a home environment that enables them to learn and grow, to help them develop a heart for God and his purposes, and send them out into the world prepared to live both fully and meaningfully.” It’s both overwhelming and motivating at the same time. This is what it’s about!

  3. I’m reading this right now too. So so so so so so good.

  4. I think I need to read that book pronto! Thanks for sharing!