We have wonderful friends. I’m not bragging – just stating a fact. We spent Easter Sunday with some of these wonderful friends.
But we started the day at church. Easter Sunday is my favorite day of the whole year to attend church. It feels like a big victory party because we get to celebrate the fact that Jesus triumphed over sin and death by overcoming the grave! The message at our church was “My God is Stronger” and we heard story after story about God working miracles in hearts and lives. He is stronger than temptation, a broken heart, a broken marriage and even cancer. He is stronger and HE IS RISEN!
We gathered with friends after changing into what Jeremiah calls “comfy clothes.” We had a fabulous Easter dinner, complete with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, salads and amazing desserts (Mindee is incredible – you have to check out what we had for dessert).
Of course, then we had an Easter egg hunt. Jeremiah got a head start in the front yard while the big kids went out back and Joshua took a nap! At first, Jeremiah only wanted the green eggs so he bypassed many other eggs in the process. Once we got all the green eggs out of the front yard, we convinced him that the other colors were just as special 🙂

Another egg, and another egg, and another egg…

After the egg hunt came the annual Easter store. Some eggs contained candy but some had play money in them, so the kids spread out their baskets and eggs downstairs and counted money and candy. The store had all sorts of fun items – stuffed animals, bubbles, gum, more candy, water guns, etc. – and the kids took turns buying one item at a time. Of course, Jeremiah picked the biggest thing on the table the first time through!

Jeremiah and his big red dog, which he named “Clifford!”

Faith and Jeremiah exploring outside after all the fun!

The bubble wands were a big hit! Jeremiah just cracks me up here!

Hope you had a happy Easter as well and can see that God is bigger than anything that may be weighing you down! My God is stronger!