Today is our “official” first day of the school year! We had a wonderful time doing the Olympics 2012 unit study the last four weeks, but today we dig in to our curriculum for the year. Both boys have made it very clear they cannot WAIT to start math!

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Now back to the tour…

In our previous home, we designated the downstairs family room as our homeschool room. We set up bookshelves and a desk and a table. Maps and posters were on the walls. It was our classroom.

We moved at the end of the year, so the homeschool “room” idea needed to revamped! While we might not have an entire family room to convert into a classroom, I’m really looking forward to the set up we do have for this year!

On the upper level of our home, where all of the bedrooms are, there is a little “nook” at the top of the stairs. The Hubby and I both immediately thought it would be perfect to use for a homeschool “home base” of sorts!

This is our homeschool nook, as it has been named…

It is currently a work in progress – I have posters and pictures and calendars to hang – but this is how it is for now! On the left is Big J’s desk, which we bought last year. He has already graciously let Little J use it a little!

The bookshelf holds all of our curriculum and extra resource books. We keep our bean bag chair up there as well for an extra reading spot!

We thought about throwing out this old computer, but decided to set it up in the homeschool nook for educational games. I still need to get that working… Flashcards, Math-U-See blocks, pens, pencils, and other supplies are on this shelf.

And this cubicle set is on the wall opposite the nook at the top of the stairs. This is where we are storing art supplies, manipulatives, educational games, and more reading books.

I scored these cute little pails in the dollar aisle at Target…

I still need to fill them – I’m thinking pens and pencils or something!

This homeschool nook is perfect for storing all of our books and supplies, as well as a quiet place for reading or individual work!

Since both boys will be doing homeschool this year, we will need a little more room to work, as well as space for each boy to work individually with me close by, so we will be using the breakfast bar…

and dining room table…

…for a good portion of our day!

We will also use our backyard for PE and science and anything else we’re inspired to do outside!

I’m loving our learning spaces for the year! Now for some trial-and-error to get our schedule figured out! Here we go!

Happy Monday and happy school year!


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