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Did I build up this capsule wardrobe reveal enough?!

Seriously. I’m no fashion expert. I’m a mom who doesn’t want to look frumpy as I go about my boy-raising life. I thought I would share my fall capsule wardrobe process and pieces because I think a lot of you are moms like me – not a huge clothing budget, wanting to look stylish but also be comfortable, needing easy ideas for looking put together, wanting to SIMPLIFY.

If you’re new here, you can read my fall capsule wardrobe lead-up posts here:

About my fall capsule wardrobe: I have 37 pieces on my list right now. It does not include shoes, accessories, workout clothes, pajamas, or undergarments. There is no hard-and-fast rule about the number of pieces in a capsule. Some people include shoes, some don’t. I have my number at 37 right now and will cap it at 40. I’m giving myself that wiggle room in case I realize I forgot something!

Fall Capsule Pieces

Here’s my current list and I will update it if necessary… 



  • black skinnies {Target}
  • denim skinnies {Levi’s}
  • white jeans {Target}
  • black maxi {GAP}
  • comfy skinnies {similar}
  • mint skinny cords {J. Crew}
  • red jeans {Target}
  • wide leg jeans {Ann Taylor – thrifted}
  • knee-length skirt {hand-me-down}



A few notes on this fall capsule wardrobe: Of course, I had to include a couple game day shirts! There are a few pieces in the “tops” section that I am considering swapping out, but I’ll give them a try for a few weeks first! And as soon as I had this list finalized and I started dressing from it, the weather warmed up again! Ugh! I have a pair of shorts on standby to use when needed, but otherwise I’m sticking to this list through the middle of December!

I didn’t include pictures of every item because I will be showing you them in outfits as the weeks roll on! If you follow me Instagram, you may have seen a few already, and I’ll keep posting outfits several times a week over there!

What pieces on this list would be in your fall capsule wardrobe?