I used alliteration all week, why not again today?!

Time for some random thoughts this Friday!  All favorite things that have been floating around in my head, just waiting for the chance to be shared with you!

*Like this chart, which is helping me stay consistent with discipline in our home.  I struggle with consistency in the moment and having a Biblically-based system laid out ahead of time is helping me so much!  And I love the fact that the chart is customizable to your discipline style.  Even if you don’t buy this one, a chart of some kind is valuable to you and your kiddos.

*BlogFrog communities are another favorite of mine right now.  Yes, there are many ways to communicate out there, but I love the format of discussion here.  Any member can start a discussion or comment on one – great way to share ideas, get advice, etc.  If you’re a blogger, you should check out Sarah Mae’s community and her tips on growing your blog.  And you should probably visit our community as well and get in on our Friday Favorites discussion!

*How about a favorite blog for the week?  There are MANY I could share with you, but the one on my heart right now is Lisa-Jo’s blog, The Gypsy Mama.  She’s about as lovely a person as you will ever meet (and I will get to in October!!!), has two young boys just like us and writes the most beautiful words from her heart.  Visit and I promise you will be inspired!  And tell her I sent you 🙂  Did you know she is South African by birth?  How fun is that?!

*Have I mentioned something new is coming to Home with the Boys this Monday?  It is especially for all of you boymoms out there and I cannot wait to share!

*My favorite person in the world is having a birthday this weekend and it’s a big one!

*And last but not least, you must know of my extreme love for Caribou Coffee.  Especially the Turtle Mocha.  Pure bliss.  You must try one.

Happy Friday!

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