Friday Fun: Alphabet Caps

This is such a simple idea, but I never thought of until my friend Megan mentioned doing it with her kiddos!

I’m trying to stock up on things for Little J to play with while Big J and I do school, or even activities we can do together at varying levels, and this is the perfect thing!

We started by collecting plastic bottle caps from milk, water bottles, juice, etc. We had some lovely friends and family who collected as well, which grows your stash quickly!

I believe we collected over 100! That gives you 3-4 sets of the entire alphabet, plus extras to work with!

A few tips:

*Make uppercase and lowercase letters. I tried to keep it pretty even, but now I’m wishing I had more lowercase to spell out words correctly!

*Make extra lowercase vowels – you will often run out!

*Leave some blank so you can write on them when others get lost or you need ANOTHER D or P or B!

*Let your kiddos play with them on their own before directing any activities. I was surprised by how much Little J enjoyed just sorting through them and saying the letters!

Then find or make up activities to do – letter sorting, forming the full alphabet, uppercase and lowercase matching, spelling and much more!

Put them in a bag or container, label it and add to your activity shelf!

Learning letters can be fun and this costs little to no time or money for you! Win win!

Thanks again for the idea Megan {also a fellow homeschool newbie this fall}!

Have a happy and blessed weekend!

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  1. Jenny Headlee says:

    nice! I did these with juice-concentrate lids so she could “fish” for them with a magnet…plus she likes things that are shiny and noisy. 🙂 I love that these are colorful, though. Have fun!

  2. Confessions of a Homeschooler has some Letter Matching Activities you can print out to go with these. I’m pretty sure 1+1+1=1 does, too.

  3. Here are some number ones from COAH

    She also has the alphabet ones in each of the letter themes for her K4 curriculum pack.

  4. I love finding activities with stuff I can reuse and find around the house! Super fun!!!

  5. I LOVE the alphabet caps! Great idea for my classroom. Even though I teach 4th grade these would be great for spelling practice.