Yesterday, I told you a little about our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City last weekend.

So. Much. Fun.

You can read about the hotel and fun activities in yesterday’s post, but in it, I didn’t even get to the best part…

Oh yes – the waterpark! Lots and lots of water! And this family of “fish” could not have been happier!

Above is a picture of a giant climbing structure in the middle of the indoor park. So many fun things to do in this section – slides and buckets and water guns and much more! And that is just one part!

See that giant bucket in the background, just beginning to pour water?

Well, it dumps one THOUSAND gallons of water every FIVE minutes! People stand underneath it to get drenched and this was totally fascinating to the boys! Of course, The Hubby had to show them that he could handle the deluge…

Double J and I decided to pass on that and stay dry…

There is also a zero-entry indoor pool…

With smaller slides that Big J loved…

And a lazy river! The Hubby and I love those lazy rivers and now the boys do as well!

There are slides of all sizes for thrill-seekers of different ages and temperaments. The Hubby took the boys down some of the bigger ones that require inflatables and they loved it!


They were just too fast for me to catch them on camera!

Little J’s favorite part was the outdoor pool and the weather was just right to enjoy it!

See that life jacket? The outdoor pool is zero-entry, but it also gets deeper and the boys are still learning to swim. Great Wolf Lodge has plenty of life jackets in all different sizes for your family to use for FREE! I was grateful for that extra bit of safety for my kiddos!

And while I’m on the topic of safety, we were extremely impressed with the lifeguard staff at the waterpark. They were the most alert and focused lifeguards I have ever seen, continually walking back and forth, scanning the water for any problems. We also saw several drills done with lifeguards while we were there that I assume were part of ongoing training. I applaud Great Wolf Lodge on such excellence in this area!

Now back to the fun…

I think he went down this frog slide twenty times or more!

Look at these water lovers! I can’t stand the cuteness.

Double J seemed to enjoy his time in an outdoor pool – no surprise in this family!

My feet enjoyed their time in the water as well 🙂

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this was an awesome family vacation and I can imagine going back many more times because there is something for kids and adults of all ages!

We made so many great memories while we there and didn’t have to leave the hotel for much of anything!

The minute we got home, Big J asked, “When can we go back?!”

Thank you, Great Wolf Lodge, for a wonderful vacation!

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Disclosure: We received a reduced room rate for our stay at Great Wolf Lodge as a member of the media. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own!