Top Ten {Tuesday}I taught myself to crochet a few years ago. {Thank you Lord for this creative outlet – and for the internet that helped me learn it!}

It all started with a blanket…that I never finished.

I don’t do blankets – I’m more of a short-term project kind of girl. Yes, I need instant gratification whenever possible.

As my skill has progressed, I have found MANY rewarding projects that don’t take years to complete and I want to share some of my favorites with you!

Let me encourage you – if you want to learn how to crochet, you can find every kind of tutorial you’ll ever need on the web. Video tutorials on YouTube are especially helpful. And then, you can find free patterns for just about everything on here as well!

So if your fingers are itching to make something or you need some gift ideas for Christmas, here are…

Ten Crochet Patterns I’ve Made & Love

1. Rib-wrapped cap – This is actually my very favorite cap to make for babies, but there is also a pattern for toddler/child size and I used that with modifications to make one for myself!

2. Crochet rosette flowers – This was one pattern I actually paid for and it has been WELL worth it. I have used these flowers on headbands, necklaces, hats, pins and even flip flops! And they are very easy to make!

3. Petite Scarf – This is a cute little “scarf” to wear when you don’t want something long and bulky under your coat! There is a button to fasten it underneath. Very fun winter accessory!

4. Flirty Ruffle Scarf

5. Wharton Wristers

This was a fun set to make for my sister. The scarf works up very quickly and the ruffles are so fun! The wristers are even faster to make and with two skeins of yarn, I could make the scarf and wristers to match!

6. 3-Layer Flower Applique – Another pattern I paid for, but at $1.99, I couldn’t resist and it is my favorite multi-layer flower pattern so far!

7. Basic Newborn Side-to-Side Hat {with a pumpkin twist!} – This is VERY easy to make and is stitched together at the end so you don’t have to figure out what round you are on! Making it into a pumpkin hat was simple and she also has a striped version!

8. Chunky Hat – I was surprised how easy this was to make and I LOVE the structured bill on it! I made one for my sis for Christmas last year and a friend wants one made for her this year! Cute and warm for these Midwest winters!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


9. Baby booties – I LOVE this pattern – not too hard and super adorable when all finished! I use Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton for most of the baby things I make these days – very soft!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest


10. Slippers – Ok, these I have not actually made yet but they are the very next thing on my list because they are SO cute. I’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂

And one more EXCELLENT crochet idea that will work even if YOU don’t know how to crochet…

My friend Jessica over at Muthering Heights had the most brilliant idea to give a child in need the gift of learning how to crochet! If you pack a box {or boxes!} for Operation Christmas Child, then you must check out this crochet tutorial idea to add to a box!


What hobbies do you enjoy? Any other crocheters out there? Share your favorite patterns!