I feel the pull like so many of you do.

Conferences and retreats and activities and “can’t miss” opportunities are laid out in front of us daily. I’m not from the South, but I just have to say…

Y’all, the “stuff” we could be a part of is beyond tempting and overwhelming. {I felt like a y’all was necessary there. It felt right. It brings us together.}

I have done too much in the past year. True confessions for you right there. Something I haven’t wanted to say, but it needs to be said. So many great opportunities have come my way and I have said yes to too many of them.

As far as the people and companies I have said yes to, I don’t regret my association with any of them. I love every single thing I’ve said yes to, but I do regret the too-many-yeses that have been said.

In saying yes to so many good and fun and wonderful opportunities, my attention has been pulled towards getting reviews and social media and blog posts just right. I love reviewing things, I love social media, I love blogging, but I have lots of opportunities to get those things right…at another time.

I only have one chance to get this family thing right and, even though my children are young, I know that chance is slipping away before my eyes.

Family Thing

I know deep in my heart that God has a place in my life for writing and sharing with you. He also has a place for my love of connecting with others.

But when He placed each of these four handsome men in my life, He entrusted me with four precious gifts and knit us together as a family. And more than anything else I may come across in my life, I want to hear “Well done” from Him in reference to the way I loved and served and shared Jesus with my family.

I want to get this family thing right more than anything.

There is no one way to “get it right,” but I know that any path toward a family well connected to God and one another involves the key element of TIME. Time that feels like it is rushing away as each and every day and week and month fill up with “stuff” on the calendar.

In all honesty, I know pretty well how to get a lot of other things “right” in life, and when we know how to do something well, we gravitate towards doing more of it. And right there is the reason I’ve said yes to so many of those things…

Family is complex and hard and I don’t REALLY know how to do it well yet. I don’t like that feeling and sometimes my flight reflex causes me to turn towards other things to feel “successful.”

But I love my family and I trust God enough to know that He put us together for a reason. And that reason is more than enough to make me start saying no more to getting other things right and saying YES to my family.

I may or may not make it to another conference this year. I won’t post here every single day. I may bow out of a few groups that I love but just can’t keep up with without sacrificing family time.

I won’t give up using my giftings or pursuing the dreams He has given me, but they will come in their proper place. And my family will be in its proper place.

And we’ll keep working TOGETHER on getting this family thing right.

There is no formula for family, but if you could use more of one thing to help you in getting this family thing right, what would it be?

Time? Patience? Love? Grace? Something else?


Just a reminder that we’ll be starting the Love Dare for Parents Summer Challenge next Monday and I’d love for you to join us! Find out all the info right here!