I’m with AWANA!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve seen an abundance of #Awana14Launch tweets over the past 24 hours. That’s because I am actually at Awana Headquarters in the Chicago area for a blogger summit and exciting internal launch event!

We love Awana at our church and in our home, but to be honest, coming into yesterday I knew VERY little about what Awana actually does and is all about. I am just blown away. The depth and breadth of this ministry around the world is so much more than just the Wednesday night clubs most people know.

The tricky thing about this summit and launch is we’re learning a lot inside details…and we can’t share most of them yet. Such a tease, right?! But I CAN tell you that the direction Awana is heading is exactly along the lines of what makes my heart beat excitedly regarding God and families and churches. It is a huge God thing and it is evident from every leader we have heard from how much prayer and thought and obedience to His call has gone in to the next steps for Awana. When an organization with a legacy of almost 65 years is moving in to something new and a little bit scary, you know God is up to something!

Enough with the teasing, I know. Here are a few fun images of our fabulous first day at Awana Headquarters…

Awana name

Awana Desk

Awana missions

Awana Sparky

Awana prayer

Awana meeting

Awana Bocce

Awana Hope Intl

Awana appetizers

Awana countdown

Stay tuned the week of June 16th for exciting, God-breathed news from Awana! And keep following me and the #Awana14Launch hashtag on Twitter for more sneak peeks throughout the day!

Have you or your kids been a part of Awana? Do you know much about Awana beyond the club experience?

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  1. LOVE the pictures! Keep ’em coming! Our church has been a part of AWANA for over 25 years. Excited to see what God has in store!!

  2. This is so much fun! I did Awana as a kid for a couple of years, and our kids have been in it for 6 years now! They love memorizing and being with their friends, and I love the heart behind the ministry of teaching the truth of God’s word in the community – we have a LOT of “unchurched” kids attending, it’s an amazing mission field!

    Kind of jealous of your trip there, it looks and sounds like some amazing things are on the horizon!