I know I haven’t posted in a while. My apologies.

Normally, that would drive me crazy – “Ah, I missed a Not Me! Monday!” or “I really need to get a Blog Hop post up!”

But I’m doing ok with it this time. We all need a break sometimes.

And by a break, I do NOT mean things have slowed down here at all!

I’m just enjoying my family and our activities around here and…


I LOVE this time of year and it is even better now that I am home to decorate and bake and make gifts.

So here are just a few things I’ve been doing or plan on doing this holiday season…

DIY Jingle Bell Swag (I need cheap silver bells – anybody?!?!)

DIY Holiday Glass Hurricane

Quick and Easy Decal Art

Jingle Bell Vase Filler and Frames

Star or Flower Cardboard Roll Ornaments (we painted ours red to make poinsettias!)

How are you getting ready for the holidays? Any great cheap DIY projects?