I’m a leader by nature. My personality lends itself to interacting, connecting, and taking charge. I have held a leadership position in almost every group or organization of which I’ve been a part. That’s always been the way I liked it as well.

But I am tapped out. Running dry. In need of being poured into.

This season of life requires much from me physically, mentally, and emotionally at home. We are in a new place. We have three young children {and boys at that!}, including a nursing baby. The Hubby just began residency, which is demanding of his time and energy.

I have no complaints – I am merely stating the facts of life here and now. I am more than happy to give my all to my family. It is a joy to be the one to provide comfort and stability and a haven to my husband and boys. These are ALL blessings in my life.

But, I also need a way to fill up and refresh so I don’t burnout or wander down the path of self-pity, grumpiness, or worse.

Instead of letting this season wear me down, I am actively seeking ways to be filled up.

This is what I’ve come up with so far…

The Word
In any form I can get it. Quiet time when the baby gets up in the wee hours of the morning. Devotions with the boys. Seeds Family Worship playing as I wash the dishes. God’s Truth fills me up like nothing else.

Bible study
I signed up for a Bible study for doctors’ wives and we’ll actually be doing a Bible study about being a doctor’s wife! I am so thankful to have connected with this opportunity at the beginning of our residency journey! I’m really looking forward to getting together with other like-minded, like-situation women!

I am stealing away more moments to read books that will encourage and challenge me. Some about my faith, some about motherhood, some about marriage, some about homeschool. I need more time in the day for this!

Seeking mentorship
Did you know it is ok to ask for help? I’ve never been a shy one, so I am the woman who sees another woman who has similar priorities, interests, giftings with a little more life experience and asks for her to share her wisdom. I did this nine years ago and now call that woman one of my best friends. Now I am looking for a different kind of mentorship and I know God will provide it at just the right time!

Working on leadership at home
The Hubby is the head of our household, but I am our family & home manager and homeschool teacher for our boys, and that requires plenty of leadership from me. I do not need to take on any other roles outside of my home to fulfill my “need to lead.” I just need to grow in the leadership roles I already have! While I cannot guarantee God won’t ask me to step into leadership somewhere at some point, I know these next three months {at least} are my time to BE LED and not pursue any additional leadership positions.

I’m trying to take a cue from Little J in the picture above and have some time of “lying in green pastures” while God refreshes my soul!

What steps do you take to fill up when you are running dry?