Jesus Storybook Bible: Advent, Curriculum, Collector’s Edition, and More!

It’s definitely the favorite story Bible in our house. There’s no contest in that catergory.

I even hesitate to call the Jesus Storybook Bible a “children’s Bible” because it has been just as powerful for me as it has been for the boys!

The way every single story points to Jesus is just what we want our children to learn. And to live. Everything we do should point to Jesus. I feel like this Bible brings a new level of understanding of the Good News of the Gospel to all who read it.

I first wrote about the Jesus Storybook Bible two years ago after I learned about it at the Relevant Conference and then found an Advent reading plan using it. The reading of the first 24 stories in this Bible at bedtime during Advent has become one of my favorite family Christmas traditions.

I’ve put together this free printable for you to use if you are following the Jesus Storybook Bible Advent reading plan! You can print it out as one sheet and hang it somewhere, or cut apart each day {tiny strips – sorry about that!} and place them in/on your Advent calendar! Click on the image below to download and print this plan!

I’ve also found many more reasons to love the Jesus Storybook Bible since then…

There are several different editions which make great gift ideas in several different price ranges and packages!

The Jesus Storybook Bible original hardcover edition was what got us started. It is wonderful just as it is.

The Read-Aloud Edition is similar to the original, but larger overall, including bigger pictures – great for reading to groups or even your own children!

The newest edition is the Collector’s Edition

Just when I thought the Jesus Storybook Bible couldn’t get any better, this bundle came about and I swooned when I opened the package.

Included in the Collector’s Edition are the original Jesus Storybook Bible, three audio CDs with each of the 44 stories narrated by David Suchet, AND an animated DVD with every story! We can use this SO many ways!

Zondervan also just released a leather-bound edition that is gorgeous. What a beautiful gift or keepsake for a loved one!

Now, for those of you who teach Sunday School or homeschool or want to use the Jesus Storybook Bible for teaching in some format, I must recommend to you the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum Kit.

I am just blown away by the work that was put into this Bible curriculum for early to middle elementary age children. The 44 lessons are creative and well-planned, the activities are fun AND educational, and the introduction and instruction for teachers are very helpful! Included in the kit are:

  • 1 DVD-ROM containing 44 printable lessons (both teacher material and student handouts)
  • 44 bonus animated videos, promotional materials, as well as instructions for implementing the curriculum
  • 1 hardcover The Jesus Storybook Bible
  • 3 audio CDs containing David Suchet’s recording of The Jesus Storybook Bible

I will be using many of the lessons from this curriculum as part of our Advent study this year! We’ll be learning more about the Old Testament, prophecy, prayer, and so much more!

If you don’t own a Jesus Storybook Bible for your family yet, I highly recommend adding it this year! And join us in reading through it this Advent season!


*I received these products to review from Zondervan. I was not compensated in any way for this review, and all opinions are 100% my own.

**This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Ok, I don’t think I knew about the curriculum. That looks wonderful. That will probably have to make my short list for next year.
    Ever since I first saw the CDs I’ve wanted to have them but (and this might have changed) I wished you could just purchase the CDs and not the whole set since we already have the Bible Storybook. I did think that I could get the set then gift the Book and keep the CDs but then I would feel bad that I wasn’t giving the whole cool set. Oh the conundrum :).
    I also love that David Suchet is the reader. I have very fond memories of watching Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot (played but David Suchet) on PBS Mystery.

  2. This storybook looks so fun! How do you review books for Zondervan? Is there a link you can give me for their blog program?

  3. Erin – I just wanted to thank you so much for pointing out the great way to use our Jesus Storybook Bibles during advent. I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned your post on my blog and copied some of what you wrote so that my friends and family can be inspired as well? (my blog is small, personal, and I don’t make money off of it.) I gave you full credit and hope that others come over to your blog to print your adorable Advent printable! Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful Advent season as we all try to grow closer to Christ and point our kids to Him at the same time. 🙂
    ~ Love, Ashley

  4. I LOVE this Bible, too!! I can’t wait to use this plan during advent! Thanks!

  5. Hello! I found you on Pinterest and I LOVE this idea. I will be sharing your Advent reading plan with my MOPS group and tonight at our church’s advent night (100 families!). Thanks for doing this and sharing. What a wonderful idea. Everyone should own a “Jesus Storybook Bible.”

  6. Hey, thanks for sharing an Advent calendar plan for use with JSB (as my friend, Caroline and I refer to it) as we have used it for teaching Sunday School for the past 6 or so years! We always do a Jesse during this season and it never feels like we do a great job since we soo rely on the Jesus-centered language of JSB!!! How awesome this will be!!

  7. Denise Call says:

    I saw this on Pinterest and just wanted to thank you so much for sharing! I was looking for something like this that was age appropriate for my 3 year old. I’m so glad I found this post just in time to start tomorrow!

  8. You can’t purchase just the CDs, but you can buy the audio book on When you first sign up, you get a free trial and a free audio book (or two, depending on when you sign up). We used our free book to get the Jesus Storybook Audio Bible, as we already owned a hardcover, too.

  9. Hi Erin. Using the JSSB for Advent has travelled far and wide. Hooray. I hope you are enjoying using it in this way. We did it last year and this year our youngest asked quite spontaneously if he could use the JSSB for his bedtime Bible reading during December. He’s organising his own Advent reading and reflection.
    God bless you richly this Advent and always.

    • Hi Meredith! SO glad to have found your post two years ago! It has been such a blessing! I love hearing that your family still loves it as well! Blessings to you and your family!

  10. Erin,

    When I saw this pin by Tsh, I couldn’t get over how familiar your blog name sounded even though I know I had never seen it before…

    And then I realize we are in the same fantasy football league with Haley Morgan and I think I even follow you on twitter!

    We love The Jesus Story Book Bible, and I am so excited to learn about the CD/DVDs and the Curriculum! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you for putting this together! What a great idea =)

  12. I love this! We have the JSBB and love it! We read through it last year for he Christmas season, but having a specific plan for reading through Advent is so helpful. Thank you! Where can I find a advent calendar w/ little pockets , like the one you show on your blog?

    • Hi Amber! I bought that little one in the dollar aisle at Target a few years ago! I’ve seen people using over-the-door shoe hangers as calendars, but that is a LOT bigger!

  13. This is by far my favorite children’s Bible. My little girl is 2 and already hers is almost in need of replacement. Pinning this advent guide stat. Love it!

  14. Michelle Hortenberry says:

    I saw this reading plan and loved it. I developed activity kits to use with it for my 6 year old son. We are looking forward to using them this year. Here is the link to it for anyone who wants to try it too.

  15. Thank you for this post! We are beginning the advent reading plan with the Jesus Storybook Bible today with our three young boys!


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