Joy in the Right Places


The sounds of instrumental worship music and the scent of my favorite candle wafted through the air as I sipped a warm cup of coffee. This is my happy place as I spend time communing with my Father before the day begins, particularly before anyone else is awake, but also sweet when the older two are reading their Bibles alongside me.

The littlest let out squeals of laughter as I pretended to eat his chubby cheeks. His oldest brother said, “Again! Make him laugh again!” So I did. And we laughed until he got the hiccups. He pulled himself to standing and then let go, proud grin on his face all the while, several times today.

The Hubby was able to call more than once throughout the day. Just hearing his voice is enough to improve whatever attitude I may have developed in the midst of the responsibilities and chaos of home. The phone call saying he is on his way home is the sweetest. Later that night, we would sit on our bed, eat some popcorn, and watch The West Wing {our fifth or sixth time through the whole series} and all feels right with the world.

We cuddled up on the couch, just the two big boys and I, to read some picture books about Easter. After they settled into bed, we started a new chapter book as the night wound down. And they begged to talk to each other for “just five more minutes” before they had to go to sleep.

These are the joys of my everyday – the part of my God-sized dream that God has called me to keep FIRST. Whatever else may come of my God-sized dream, THIS stuff is always meant to be my main source of joy.

My God-sized dream is to encourage families to grow closer to God and closer together through my writing while keeping my relationship with God and my own family as my first priorities.

But that other part brings joy as well…

When I get away to write, it’s just me and Him, and writing feels like an act of worship.

The ideas He plants in my head to write are often more for me than anyone else. Writing to encourage other families has been the encouragement I needed for me and my own family!

And then there are the comments, the emails, the words from YOU that frequently bring me to tears. The joy that comes from being used by God to encourage someone else is entirely humbling and quite amazing.

Joy. In the everyday and the dreaming world, there is plenty of joy to go around.

What brings you joy?

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  1. Yes! This! To walk in all He has called us to be…that’s where the joy is found. Our first and most important ministry always our family. Then the icing on the cake is the expanding of the platform and writing our hearts on a page to speak to the hearts of others. Yes! So love what you’ve shared here friend. Blessings.

  2. I love your words Erin! The joy that begins in quiet before the Lord – all the way to evening time reading with your boys.

    So sweet! Savor it!

  3. Thank you!!!! I’m single momming it this week and your words did wonders to my soul. I was starting to get in a “funk” and a little irritated because my oldest wasn’t listening. I tried to step away for 5 min. to myself and decided to read this. Thanks for the reminder to look to God and to find the joy in the moment.


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