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I just have to jump on this bandwagon. Emily does a What I Learned link-up each month and Leigh does a What I’m Into link-up and I think they are both swell ideas! What a great way to wrap up the month! And tomorrow I will share my June goals!

What I Learned May

What I Learned

1. I am a good big picture planner, but the day-to-day is my weak spot. This is a lesson I’m re-learning – it’s not brand new information, but it is becoming evident again as I try to be more intentional and productive in my days. I picked up the Whitney English Day Designer to help remedy this! I already had the Year Designer which is FABULOUS, but like I said, I need help in daily planning, so I think this will be my new favorite tool! It’s the August edition, so I don’t get to start using it for a few months – waiting is torture!

2. I love TobyMac. My friend Christine is doing a happy dance right now as I admit this because she’s been a fan of his for years and years. I just didn’t really think his music was my “thing,” but then Little J had to go and pick the “Eye On It” album as his Easter present and, well, most days we’re all grooving to it in the minivan.

3. I could spend hours a day studying the Word. I started doing the She Reads Truth studies and I just want to sit for hours every morning reading through study notes and commentaries and learning everything I can about the stories God has for us in the Bible. I think this came partially because I got such a fresh look at Nehemiah through this study, but it is also my learner strength coming through. And God is teaching me SO much through all this study! Now, if only I didn’t have other responsibilities that needed tending to…

What I’m Into

Fixer Upper – My FAVORITE show on HGTV right now! The cutest family and gorgeous designs!

God-sized dreaming – My mind is wandering to the possibilities God may have for our family, our ministry, our future.

De-cluttering – The Hubby is so happy about this one, but I am a slow de-clutterer. Little by little, it’s happening!

Capsule wardrobe posts – I’m a little scared to take the plunge, but Hayley’s ebook and Val’s recent posts have me feeling a little more brave. I’ll let you know if I jump in…

Fair trade fashion – On the wardrobe topic, most of my accessories are coming from companies like fashionABLE and The Root Collective now. The way we spend our money CAN make a difference.

All Sons and Daughters – All day. Every day.

Hospitality and home – Lots of reading and praying in this area. How can use my home to bless my family and others?

Fiction by Lisa T. Bergren and Tricia Goyer – I devour any fiction by these two ladies in a snap. Next up – Remnants by Lisa and An Amish Garden by Tricia and friends!

The Hubby – Today is our 11th anniversary and he is my favorite person on the whole planet. It is such a blessing to do life with him and I see so much fun and adventure and possibility in our future! God knew just what He was doing when He brought the two of us opposites together! I love you, honey!

Wedding pic

What are you loving and learning right now?