I just couldn’t help myself. The lion cubs were awake and playing and biting mama’s tail. The mama and her sister {remember when I talked about how awesome lions are at supporting each other in motherhood?!} were keeping watchful eye over them, cleaning them, feeding them…

It was all so precious and beautiful and wonderful, so I’m sharing a zillion pictures with you of the darling one-month-old lion cubs at our local zoo!

You’re welcome.

Lion Cubs2 Lion Cubs6 Lion Cubs8 Lion Cubs11 Lion Cubs13 Lion Cubs19 Lion Cubs21 Lion Cubs23 Lion Cubs28 Lion Cubs31 Lion Cubs33 Lion Cubs40 Lion Cubs41 Lion Cubs42 Lion Cubs43 Lion Cubs44 Lion Cubs47 Lion Cubs50 Lion Cubs53

Dear sweet mama lion,

That look in your eyes speaks a thousand words. Hang in there. You’re doing great.

Love, a fellow mama of littles

Do you think she would enjoy reading Desperate with me?!

Happy Monday all! Have a blessed week!