We still call him Little J even though there is a younger brother in the house now.

At four years old, he’s in that stage where I can’t believe how fast he is growing but he still needs his mom and dad for certain things. Some days he seems so big, some days so small. I’m sure with him being the middle child, he will feel this way for much of his life.

He wants to be just like his brother. His big brother. But there are times he realizes he is just not quite big enough yet, and my heart breaks to think that he might feel he is not enough.

Little J wants big things to do. He wants responsibility. He wants to be included on projects and adventures. And we want him to know, although he is a “little brother,” he has plenty to offer to our family and the world!

I see it as he draws pictures with lots of details and explains every part to me. His pieces of art have a BIG place in my heart.

I see it as he learns to read and wants to share the words with all of us. Reading to Mommy or Daddy or one of his brothers is a BIG deal and we celebrate it!

Most of all, we see the great satisfaction on his face when he does a BIG act of kindness for someone in the family. We make sure kindness and compassion and service are rewarded because, even for adults, these are BIG things to do for others.

He may be a little guy, but he is capable of BIG things.

I’m so glad to know Veggie Tales has released a new DVD to proclaim to the world “Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!”

When the DVD arrived, I made sure Little J knew this was HIS movie and the message was just for him. And he can’t stop talking about it!

More about Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too, a new compilation DVD from Veggie Tales…

Featuring favorite Veggie shows, including: Pistachio: The Little Boy Who Woodn’t (A Lesson in Listening to Your Parents), Lyle the Kindly Viking (A Lesson in Kindness), and Dave & The Giant Pickle (A Lesson in Self-Esteem), all with a message of how you don’t have to be big to be able to do great things! Plus all new footage from the adorable Veggie Kids!

Don’t miss this chance to encourage your little ones to do big things and enjoy more veggie fun!

Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too is available now for only $9.99 on Amazon!


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