I’ve never lived in a town smaller than 150,000 people. True story.

When I was teaching, I lived in a large city and commuted to a town of 2,500. I adored that community and the schools and the people, but I was also glad to have the “big city” to go back to, with all its conveniences and attractions.

From the town I grew up in to the city we live in now, each place I’ve lived has just gotten bigger. Until now.

Small Town

Next summer we make our move to post-residency life and that move will take us to a town of less than 15,000 people. I realize that is big compared to the little town I taught in, but for us, this is a move to small town. And I have mixed feelings about this transition.

Let me explain: I am 100% thrilled with our choice of community and job for The Hubby. There is no doubt in my mind that this is where God wants us next. Everyone we have had contact with in our new town has been warm and welcoming. And we have heard nothing but wonderful things from anyone who has lived there.

My mixed feelings come in relation to the transition from living in a city of 500,000 to living in a town of less than 15,000. One part of me is craving this smaller community, with very short commutes and no rush hour and the most gorgeous natural beauty to experience just a few minutes away from anywhere we choose to live. There are so many things I am excited about as we make this move!

Another part of me is a little nervous. I don’t know what living in a small town feels like. I’m not a big fan of the unknown. I can’t think of any specific things about which I’m worried, I just have no frame of reference for what we’re about to experience.

So I’m coming to you today. Do you live in a small town? Did you grow up in a small town? Tell me the good stuff, people.


What do you love about small towns? What do we have to look forward to with this move?


And if you’re not a fan of small town living, please move along. I’m looking for the positive today, friends. Thank you!