So, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try.

Lots of my friends have tried this styling service and really loved it. And I love clothes, so naturally I was excited about having someone pick out clothes for me and send them right to my house!

I filled out my style profile online and used my birthday money to pay the styling fee of $20, which is applied to any pieces of clothing you may decide to buy. The box showed up just in time for Easter weekend and I was totally giddy to open it and try everything on!

Before I say anything else, I think Stitch Fix is a great idea. But I also want to share my honest thoughts on my Stitch Fix experience so you can decide if it is for you or not.

Stitch Fix

Everything about opening up my Stitch Fix box made me feel special – handwritten note from my stylist, styling suggestions along with each piece of clothing – it was all very fun.

When I started checking out the pieces they sent, I was a little less thrilled…

1. I wasn’t crazy about the styles they sent. I like the idea of being pushed out my comfort zone a bit, but I really only kind of liked one of the five items. I tried them on for The Hubby without telling him how I felt about them and he liked zero of five.

2. Three of the five items either didn’t fit or were an unflattering cut on me. This is something that can be fixed in my next Stitch Fix by filling out a follow-up survey. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty common to have some things not fit in your first fix.

3. Even if the items had fit or been my style, Stitch Fix prices are just not in my budget. As The Hubby said to me, “You’re a Target girl.” And it’s true. I love clothing, but I don’t like to spend a lot on it, especially on trendy pieces. I will pay more for high quality basic pieces that I will wear for a long time, like black pants or a good jacket, but not the items I was sent in my fix.

I’ve seen a lot of people post about Stitch Fix and say it is “pretty reasonable,” but I just can’t agree for MY budget. When asked in the styling profile how much I was willing to spend, I checked “as cheap as possible” in all areas. Four of the items in my fix were $58. I just don’t spend that much on a shirt. EVER. The one item under $58 was a scarf for $38.

I do still get why people enjoy Stitch Fix, but I guess it is just not for me. I sent all five items back {in the prepaid packaging – very nice touch}, which means I also lost out on the $20 styling fee I paid upfront. I couldn’t help but think I could have purchased a couple new bright color tops at Target to brighten up my spring wardrobe with that $20!

Those are my honest thoughts on my first Stitch Fix experience. Many of you had mentioned you were curious to see what I thought, so I knew I had an obligation to tell you like it was for me. But since I don’t want this to end as a downer post…

If you want to read more from someone who loves Stitch Fix and uses it often, check out Kacia’s blog. She has some great tips on how to have a good experience with Stitch Fix should you decide to give it a shot. I love her tips, but the cost will probably still keep me from doing this again anytime soon.

One other note on the cost: You can earn credit towards your fixes by referring others! I did put my referral link here in this post, so if any of you sign up through it, maybe someday I’ll bank enough to try again!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think?