Mckmama- Not Me Monday

A little background before the “Not Me!” fun begins: I started watching a precious little baby this week. She is with us three times a week. I was a little worried about what it would do to our daily routine and how the boys would react.

I shouldn’t have been. The boys LOVE her and our days are actually calmer when she is around. They are so helpful and sweet – smiling at her, watching her sleep, throwing away diapers, even feeding her!

And now for confession time…

It was NOT me who completely fell in love with idea of having another child this week. I did NOT look back at the days when the boys were itty bitty and suddenly miss the tiny diapers, the breastfeeding and even the bouncing them to sleep. No, I did NOT totally glorify the whole newborn stage in my mind.

And it was NOT my children who proceeded to be the loudest, rudest, most disrespectful children on the entire planet this weekend WHILE. I. WAS. NOT. FEELING. WELL. Nope, they were perfect angels ALL weekend. And I would NEVER exaggerate in a situation like this – EVER.

No, Big J did NOT tackle his little brother into my brand new computer while we attempted to skype with Grandma and Grandpa on Grandparents’ Day.

No, they did NOT end a rough tackling session with a chin-to-forehead collision.

No, I did NOT hear from Little J all weekend, in a wonderfully whiny voice, “I hold you. I hold you.”

Nope, this was not just a part of the weekend at our house.

And of course, it was NOT me, who, at the end of said weekend, said to the hubby “Snip, snip!” Nope, I would NEVER make a major life decision like that based on one weekend.

And it would NOT be me who, just guessing, will probably go back and forth about wanting another wee one about a million times unless God steps in and just lets us know His plan.

Nope, NONE of this would EVER happen to me.

I’m sure NOTHING like this has ever happened to you either, right?