No, I won’t be sharing any poetry today. Not my strong suit.

But I will be sharing my love for our new lunchboxes.

Easy Lunchboxes…oh, how we are enjoying you!

I wrote to Kelly at Easy Lunchboxes sharing some of the nightmares we all face with packing lunches. Especially HEALTHY lunches!

Apparently, she felt sorry for me, because a box of these beautiful lunch containers arrived in the mail for us.

And there was much rejoicing!

Our first outing with our new lunchboxes was to the zoo! It was so easy to pick things to put in each compartment AND I thought more carefully about putting healthy items in each spot!

The boys were very excited to eat lunch out of them!

Everybody got the meal I put together for him specifically, and eating at a park bench was no big deal because of these fabulous, reusable containers!

One of the boys’ favorite things about Easy Lunchboxes?

The colored lids! Big J gets blue, Little J gets green and everyone is happy! {It really is the simple things, isn’t it?!}

I’ve washed the containers in the dishwasher several times and there is NO warping – these are sturdy lunchboxes! You can also use them in the microwave!

The only negative I have to add is they are NOT leakproof, but that has not been a problem for us, especially when the containers are stacked together in the cooler bag.

We stick them in the green cooler bag we received with our containers, add an ice pack and we’re ready to go for the day. The bag fits up to three lunchboxes and an ice pack really well. I usually put two in one along with drinks, and the other two in a soft-sided cooler or lunch bag – they fit in most of the ones we already owned!

We even took our lunchboxes for a picnic in the back of the van!

We’re having a lot of fun with these, but I’m also finding it easier to pack well-planned, healthy lunches for all three of my guys! Looking for more ideas for what to pack now – lots of creative ideas shared on the site!

No more lunch packing nightmares! Thank you Easy Lunchboxes!


A set of four containers sells for $13.95. The cooler bag {available in many colors} sells for $7.95.


Disclosure: I received this product to review from Easy Lunchboxes. I was not compensated in any other way for this post and all opinions are 100% my own!