Stephen came home Tuesday and saw this guy in our yard…

Upon some investigation, he and Jeremiah discovered that this baby bird (I know he looks huge here but he was TINY!) had tried to fall out of his nest and fallen. The nest had another baby bird in it and no mommy.

That makes me so sad. I didn’t want anything to happen to him before his mommy could get to him! We were all enthralled by our little visitor.

Well, he ended up on our driveway where Stephen took these picture and tried to feed him – but NOT touch him.

He kept hopping closer to our house and we could hear him tweeting quite loudly – and of course, Jeremiah started tweeting too 🙂

After a lull in activity, the mama bird showed up! She landed next to him and then flew toward the nest, trying to coax him along. He flew after her but the wind caught him and he landed in the driveway. I think I gasped.

But, that little thing was resilient. Momma bird flew by again and this little guy…

flew back to his nest, where I am sure he enjoyed a worm and hug from his mommy.

And what did that mama bird teach her little man – never give up. And mommy is always there for you.

A note to our boys – Never give up. Mommy & Daddy are always there for you. We are your #1 fans!

Thanks for the reminder little bird family!