What I Wore

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I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’m going with a What I Wore post anyway! You’re ok with that, right? Good.

Here’s a look back at what I wore the last couple weeks…


My friend Marie and I showed up to help at Awana wearing our matching Evy’s Tree Brilla hoodies! So fun! I’m wearing mine with the Stitch Fix jeans I adore and new B.O.C. clogs that are SUPER comfy!

IMG_5859 2

You already saw this outfit in my post about The Root Collective’s new spring line, but here it is again! Super simple gray sweater dress + jeggings dressed up with fair trade accessories from Noonday, 107 Market Street, and The Root Collective!


I mixed it up for church with some lace + camo + sparkle! This Layla’s Shop top went perfectly with the camo skinnies I scored on clearance at Target! I added wild copper Tieks and a Mata Traders necklace for some shine.


These spring mornings are nice, but a little chilly, so I wore my Evy’s Tree Diana wrap as a jacket when we went for Double J’s well-child check. It was just the right thing to keep me warm + stylish! This royal purple Piko top from Layla’s Shop is so fun with leggings + The Root Collective flats! The necklace from Beautiful & Beloved is one of my all-time favorites – goes with EVERYTHING.


How about a little workout gear? I’m in love with this tee, a collaboration between Revelation Wellness + Naptime Diaries! Life has left me pretty weary lately, but I’m trying to find boldness in my soul that can only come from faith + Jesus. This shirt is a great reminder for me.

Irishman race attire – what a fun day! My shirt is from Janji, a company that makes running clothes + gives back through your purchases! This tee helps provide one year of clean water for one person in Kenya!


And, of course, my St. Patrick’s Day outfit! Still LOVING my Target shamrock shirt SO MUCH! And Double J’s shirt is my fave. He picks it to wear all the time.

Spring is making an appearance here and I’m loving the chance to wear fun flats, lighter tops, and dresses! What are your favorite spring clothes?


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This is How We Do St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is my thing. One of my favorite days of the year and always has been. I’ve got all kinds of Irish ancestry and we like to celebrate it any way we can!  It was a big deal at my house growing up, I made it a big deal for my students when I was teaching, and now it’s a big deal for my own family!

We traditionally celebrate with lots of green, some Irish soda bread, and beef stew for dinner, but our St. Patrick’s Day festivities have evolved a little over the years.

The biggest addition has been the Irishman race the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day! It’s held in my hometown and involves 5 mile, 5K, and 1 mile races all in one day. This was my third year running it with my childhood best friend and The Hubby ran it for the second year this year! Of course, I get all decked out in my green for this race…


Three races in one day is a unique challenge and the Irishman is one of my favorite race days of the year! It is extra special because I get to experience with my hubby and my best friend!

IMG_5992 IMG_5993 IMG_6012

The weather could not have been more perfect! I finished with new PRs for the 5 mile {43:30} and 1 mile {7:50}, as well as an overall PR for the day {1:17:38}! The Hubby finished 11th on the day – out of 212 people! And we had some cute spectators waiting to watch the parade with us after the race!


As for today, actual St. Patrick’s Day, we’re not going with our traditional beef stew, but we’ve got lots of green going on!

IMG_6070 IMG_6077

And I’m wearing my favorite Irish shirt along with my KraftyKash map necklace of Dublin!


Fifteen years ago, The Hubby and I were in Ireland on a band trip and we started dating on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. For this Irish girl, nothing could have been more romantic! I can’t believe I’m posting this, but here we are on that trip…

FullSizeRender 3

Oh my, how we have changed…except I still make goofy faces in photos. That will never change. And I’m more in love with this guy than ever before – that part just keeps getting better!

One last thing: We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day big because of our ancestry. I mean, my family actually built a super famous castle in Ireland, for goodness sake. But St. Patrick’s Day is an important day for all Christians to celebrate because there is a lot for us to learn from the man for which this day is named! I share his story with our boys ever year and you can read more about it on the Tommy Nelson blog in my recent post called The Faith and Forgiveness of St. Patrick!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our family to yours!


I arise today
Through the strength of heaven;
Light of the sun,
Splendor of fire,
Speed of lightning,
Swiftness of the wind,
Depth of the sea,
Stability of the earth,
Firmness of the rock.

I arise today
Through God’s strength to pilot me;
God’s might to uphold me,
God’s wisdom to guide me,
God’s eye to look before me,
God’s ear to hear me,
God’s word to speak for me,
God’s hand to guard me,
God’s way to lie before me,
God’s shield to protect me,
God’s hosts to save me
Afar and anear,
Alone or in a mulitude.

Christ shield me today
Against wounding
Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
Christ in the eye that sees me,
Christ in the ear that hears me.

I arise today
Through the mighty strength
Of the Lord of creation.

~The Prayer of St. Patrick

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The Root Collective: Spring Line + Important Work

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

I’ve been a huge supporter of The Root Collective since I happened upon them over a year and a half ago. One look at their shoes and you’ll see why I love them so much, but the love goes much deeper than that!

The Root Collective partners with small-scale artisan businesses in marginalized communities to promote change through dignified jobs. The artisans own their own businesses and set their own pricing, but partnering with TRC enables them to sell to a larger market. Take a look at this video which share more of the TRC vision:

The Root Collective — Walk the Vision from Em Grey on Vimeo.
My favorite part of the whole TRC story is Otto. Otto lives in the La Limonada ghetto of Guatemala City, Guatemala, an area plagued by gangs and violence. Instead of falling in with the gangs like many men in his area, Otto started learning to make shoes at age 10.

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/the-root-collective-guatemala-trip-february-2015-web-optimized-1

image by:www.shimmersofgrey.com

These skills allowed him to rise above his circumstances and go into business for himself. He now employs former gang members, teaching them business and shoemaking skills so they can leave their old ways behind.

View More: http://em-grey.pass.us/the-root-collective-guatemala-trip-february-2015-web-optimized-1image by:www.shimmersofgrey.com

The Root Collective founder, Bethany Tran, just returned from a trip to visit the artisans and I have a huge smile hearing about the way their lives have changed because of this amazing partnership. I just love this quote from Bethany…

This is important work. Not because we are saviors to these communities, but because we have committed to partner with them and uplift the people of La Limonada (and the rural areas). Without jobs, there is no way to provide for themselves or their families. Because many of these men are former gang members, they cannot find employment elsewhere because of their gang tattoos. This is important work.

This is why I buy The Root Collective shoes. This is why I share the shoes and the stories with you.

Wear cute shoes, change the world – it’s a real thing.

And the cute shoes just got even better with the new spring line that debuted TODAY!


You’ve seen my green flats enough and I will never stop wearing them because GREEN IS MY FAVORITE. But look at these beauties. The coral striped ballet flat is just the right mix of spring color + neutrals.


I’m thrilled to have these coral striped ballet flats in my spring shoe rotation to wear with maxi skirts and dresses and leggings…basically everything! Today was still a little chilly, so I paired my new flats with a sweater dress and skinny jeans, along with a few other fair trade accessories.

And I can’t wait for you to add a beautiful pair of TRC shoes to your spring wardrobe! From now through Sunday, March 8th, use the code SPRING to get 20% off your own pair of flats or peep toes! Did you see the lime peep toe?! I’m dying…

Did you ever think buying adorable shoes could be important work?! Well, it is. Thanks for being a part of this beautiful partnership. And when you buy yours, please share them on social media with the hashtag #ottomademyshoes!

Which pair of The Root Collective shoes are you buying first?


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What I Wore

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Welcome to my weekly What I Wore post – a chance for me to get all girly and talk a little fashion since I live with ALL BOYS. If I started talking about ethical fashion and luxury hoodies with them, I would be ditched for Legos in about 1.4 seconds. Instead, I share it here with you and on Instagram because that is my favorite social media channel ever!

Here we go with what I wore this past week…


Okay, you can hardly see what I’m wearing in this photo, but my friend Marie and I were sporting leis and festive head wear for Hawaiian Night at AWANA…while the winter wind howled outside to remind us we weren’t REALLY in Hawaii. As if we could forget…


I went all matchy-matchy with Big J for our family day at the zoo. Not only did we both grab our Converse to wear that day with cuffed jeans, but we also wore our awesome new Wildly Co. shirts! Wildly Co. is the very best idea ever – ethical fashion basics for kids – and it was started by my friend Hayley and her husband!

Big J is wearing the pullover in teal with heather trim. He loves it. And I’m wearing one of the limited edition tees from their initial Kickstarter campaign! The boys also have several tees from earlier Wildly Co. lines – they are all amazing! Two things to watch for with Wildly Co.:

  1. Enter your email on the Wildly Co. home page to 15% off your first order!
  2. Watch for their limited edition monthly tees – a new one each month!

Also in the zoo outfit is my Krochet Kids beanie and my newest Evy’s Tree hoodie which may also be my favorite! The Brilla ruffles are perfection, the weight is great for any season, and the color is just what this Husker fan was hoping for! Here’s a closer look at the ruffles and pockets:

I’m warning you: you’ll be seeing this hoodie in LOTS of What I Wore posts from now on and I’m not sorry about it!


Saturday comfort at it’s finest: another amazing Evy’s Tree hoodie, comfy wide leg jeans, and a hat. Double J and I were cuddled up after a day filled with a long run, basketball game, and The Hubby being on call at the hospital. We were all ready for bed at this moment!


When wind chills have dominated the winter weather, 35º feels like a heat weave, so on Sunday I pulled out my favorite Target clearance dress and shrug, paired it with leggings, threw on my new PopBasic necklace {get $15 off with that link!}, and celebrated the “warmth” as we headed to church!

And since it was also the first day of March, it was a no-brainer to wear my green flats from The Root Collective. Stay tuned this week because The Root Collective is launching their new spring line of shoes and you’re going to LOVE them! Trust me – I already have a pair!


It is only fitting to finish up today’s post with a great new shirt that perfectly captures my favorite month! I look for great St. Patrick’s Day shirts every year around this time and usually find something for the whole family at Old Navy. I was disappointed with their selection for women this year, but never fear, because Target came through with several cute options!

This was the PERFECT shirt – super comfy, no year listed on it, GREEN. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this a million times this month, as well as year-round because I’m just a huge fan. If you’re looking for a St. Patty’s Day shirt for yourself, check out Target this year!

Spring is ALMOST here – what are you looking forward to wearing once the weather warms up?

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March Goals

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Ok, I just had to get that out there.

A new month means a new set of goals and time to check in on the goals I set for last month! Who else is finding goal-setting to be more fun and encouraging than you thought it could be? Like Hayley says, it’s not about striving or perfection – it’s about having “goals with grace.” The grace really does make all the difference. Let’s take a look at last month…


Finish TWO books from my Joy Book List - I finished and loved The Antelope in the Living Room. I laughed out loud so many times that I may have gotten a few weird looks from my son at basketball practice. I had planned on finishing In This House, We Will Giggle, but I’ve discovered it is not a book to read through quickly. I’m enjoying it so much and trying to implement the ideas in our home as I read! I’ll have more to share on this book next month! In February, I also finished The Fringe Hours, The Nesting Place, and both Divergent & Insurgent.

Try a new restaurant with The Hubby for date night - Well, we had grand plans to try this new restaurant…but it was all booked for the weekend we had a babysitter. So, we went to our favorite place instead and had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Run 80+ miles and start half marathon training - 91.8 miles – boom! Half-marathon training has started and new shoes are being broken in!

Focus on home atmosphere - Work in progress, but I did get a bunch of decluttering done thanks to my parents coming down to visit! Reading The Nesting Place got me thinking more about home in decor, function, and feel. I’m not a natural at decorating, but this book really inspired me in so many ways!

And on to this month…



Finish three books – 1 from my Joy Book List, 1 fiction book, and 1 extra book yet to be determined! I’ll be continuing In This House as mentioned above as well as starting Yes, Please. I will also read Allegiant to finish up the Divergent series. I have a GIGANTIC list of books to start after I’m done with these!

Celebrate my favorite March days – March has always been my favorite month thanks to my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day, and then our youngest decided to be born eight days late so he could have a March birthday, too! We are going to party it up this month, starting with Dr. Seuss’s birthday today!


Launch a fun new project – Lots of great things are happening behind the scenes over at The MOB Society and I can’t wait until these projects start launching! If you are a boy mom, make sure you’re plugged in with The BoyRaiser newsletter to get in on all the fun and join our fabulous Facebook community!

Run 90+ miles and keep pushing through training – To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even going to sign up for any half marathons this year…but I just couldn’t stay away. I’ll be running a half as one of my long runs with a friend in April, but the actual race I’m training for is in early May. I’m working like I’m going for a new PR, but we’ll see how everything goes when race day comes!

Get my OWN newsletter going – I’ve put this off for long enough because I want it to be JUST RIGHT, but March is my month to launch the newsletter I’ve been working on! Watch for a sign-up announcement {with giveaway} coming very soon! And since I put it in my goals, IT WILL HAPPEN.

Be present – Whoever I’m with, that’s where I want to be. I have lots of thoughts on this topic, but I’m going to leave the goal at those two simple words and see what God does with it this month!


What are your top goals for this month?


I’m linking up with Hayley at The Tiny Twig for her monthly Goals with Grace post! Check it out to be inspired and share your own goals! And share your own goals here in the comments or link to your post so I can visit!

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What I Wore

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

I might not be very consistent with these What I Wore posts lately, but Wednesdays and fashion posts will always go hand in hand for me. Im particularly motivated by my friend Stacey who keeps up her cute What I Wore posts which make me want to join in!

I’m a really big fan of fall and winter clothes, but I’m starting to get the itch to wear spring clothes! Who’s with me on that? Well, apparently Nebraska weather doesn’t care about what I want to wear. The temps keep plummeting below zero, so I’ll keep myself bundled up in hoodies and boots for a while longer!

Here’s what I wore the last few weeks, completely in iPhone pics…

Museum field trip day – Evy’s Tree Sophie, Everlane u-neck tee, Stitch Fix jeans, Born Peggy clogs, 107 Market Street necklace + earrings

Big J’s basketball game on Valentine’s Day – Evy’s Tree Red Ava Racer

A LONG Friday at home – Revelation Wellness hoodie, Old Navy puffer vest

Ellie Holcomb concert with Big J – ABLE Scarf from fashionABLE {get 10% off your order through this link}, black sweater tunic + camo skinny pants from Target

Cold church morning – Evy’s Tree Brooke tunic, Jacob’s Scarves blanket scarf {warmest ever}

Mothering + meetings – Target cardigan, Elegantees cap-sleeve top, The Root Collective necklace + earrings

Bible study at my house – super comfy Piko top from Layla’s Shop, ABLE scarf, GAP mint skinny cords, Born clogs

What are you wearing to stay warm as winter continues to stick around?

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It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

This is the philosophy I live by when cleaning and organizing: it gets worse before it gets better.

When my desk area gets out of control with papers and books and an array of other things that shouldn’t be in a desk area (Legos, food wrappers, running watch…you just never know), I know the only way to tackle the mess is to spread it out all over the dining room in order to be sorted and organized properly. My husband would say it’s easier to keep it organized little by little as I go, but how is that fun?! (Truthfully, I’d really like to be able to operate his way when it comes to organizing. Maybe when I grow up.)

The “worse before better” mentality must be applied when approaching potty-training as well. Trust me – we’re nearing the end of this process as I type this. To be perfectly honest, I might have been okay with #3 staying in diapers a little while longer because diapers are easy. Diapers are convenient. And potty-training is neither easy nor convenient. I knew he had to be potty-trained, but I may have been dragging my feet a little as I thought about the time and energy that must be spent to get a kiddo out of diapers.

I put aside my fears two weeks ago and the potty-training began. It had been almost four years since my last experience, but I was suddenly thrown into the world of asking Double J every 15 minutes if he needed to go to the bathroom. Of running to the bathroom at any “sign.” Of coaxing him to sit on the toilet just a little longer so we wouldn’t be back there again in five minutes because he wasn’t actually done. Lord, have mercy.

Now, two weeks later, boy #3, our last, is now in underwear and I feel triumphant. I really do. But I’m honestly a little tired of all the time we’re spending in the bathroom. I’m reminding myself that this is part of the “worse” before the “better” of him being able to go to the bathroom independently. It’s a process and I know where we’re headed and that’s where I’ll keep my eyes fixed.

Sometimes itgets worsebefore itgets

The cleaning and potty-training have been real life, in-my-face examples of something God has been trying to teach me about my heart lately. I’ve been holding on to some ugly stuff for a while because I just don’t want to deal with it. The ugly stuff is stuff many of you are probably struggling with as well. It feels “easiest” to just push it aside to work through another day. Except “another day” never comes.

This weekend, as I was making my way through another toddler-bathroom ordeal, I realized my spiritual eyes are too focused on the right now, when they should be looking to the “better” God wants for me. I will have to face some hard truths, make some sacrifices, go through a lot of discomfort in the “gets worse” part of the journey, but I have to trust God that it will all be worth it. And I will have to keep declaring to Him, as one of my favorite songs says, “You’ve never failed me and You won’t start now.”

It may seem easier to slap on a smile and stuff my stuff deep down to handle in the future, but I want to rip off the bandaid today to face the worst, work through it with my Savior, and get to the best He has promised me. And I know a clean heart will feel even better than having that clean desk and potty-trained toddler!

Are you facing a “gets worse before it gets better” situation today? How can I pray for you?

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The Day We Became We & 11 Years Later

This post is part of the “Love is Everyday” campaign and contest with Personal Creations.

I’m not going to lie. As I’m typing this, I’m watching another sappy Hallmark Channel Valentine’s Day movie. I’m a sucker for a happily-ever-after story and they wrap theirs up quite nicely in two hours.

But I have to laugh because every single one of these movies ends right after the couple finally gets together. And in my experience, the happily-ever-after hasn’t even had a chance to develop at that point.

The Day We Became

I’ve been thinking about the day we became husband and wife over eleven and a half years ago. We were young, we were in love, we were all starry-eyed. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in every way: high in the low seventies, blue sky, perfectly deep pink gerbera daisies, bridesmaids in periwinkle, a sparkling tiara in my up-do, and my handsome man singing to me in his tux. The day we became Mr. and Mrs. was one of the happiest days of my life.

Wedding pic

Except that I think the days just get better and we are more of a WE now then we were on May 31, 2003.

Many marriages dissolve over the years because the couple “drifted apart.” We’ve worked hard to not let any drifting happen, but it wasn’t any sweeping romantic gestures that got us to where we are today.


Eleven years of holding hands through uncertainty. Experiencing life and death together. Changing sheets and changing diapers. Moving from apartment to house to new city and onward. Watching movies and watching children grow and watching time fly by…together. Eleven years of growing stronger and closer together day by day.

I’ll go ahead with the cheesy line because it’s absolutely true: I love this man of mine more today than the day we got married. I am so thankful for the day he and I became we, but I’m infinitely more grateful for what our love looks like today.

The two-hour love stories we watch for entertainment are light-hearted and fun, but I will always take our eleven years of love unfolding with many more years to follow as my happily-ever-after.

The lovely “The Day We Became &” canvas pictured above is just one of the beautiful personalized gifts available from Personal Creations. I received ours as part of this campaign and we are thrilled with it! Take a look around for a special gift to celebrate you and your honey!

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The Wonder of Evy’s Tree

I received some of these items to review. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and all opinions are 100% my own.

We had a few warm days this January. Such a tease. But now we’re back in full-blown winter weather and I can’t say I’m totally disappointed because it means I can wear ALL THE HOODIES!

When I say hoodies, I’m not talking about frumpy sweatshirts made famous by Bill Belichick. No girl wants that comparison, am I right?!

I’m talking about my fashion + comfort obsession: Evy’s Tree.

Brown Casual Full Blog

I basically live in Evy’s Tree these days and I’m ok with that. Just a few of the reasons I adore Evy’s Tree so much…


I’ve never seen hoodies this cute in a store and every new design Amy launches is even more fabulous than the one before! There is tons of variety – some fitted, some loose, some fancy, some casual – but all are just gorgeous. I always get compliments on my Evy’s Tree pieces and I know it’s because they are so unique!


You can tell with each piece that the Evy’s Tree team cares deeply about quality. They are described as “luxury hoodies” and they live up to that name in fit and feel. On top of this, the team goes out of their way to answer customer questions to make sure everybody gets the right fit.

WIWW 10:8 3


I love to support moms who are getting creative, running their own businesses, and making their dreams happen. Amy is one of those moms and her team is full of more just like her! Buying from mom-owned businesses is something I do whenever possible, so finding a great one like Evy’s Tree was a fun blessing!

FullSizeRender 2

Evy’s Tree hoodies are an investment, but they are well worth it. Because they are comfy AND cute, I wear them all the time – at home on snow days, out with the family, even on dates! I have literally worn one every day this week! You will not regret saving your money to grab one of these amazing pieces!


One other thing I need you to know about Evy’s Tree: once a new design is released, it will sell FAST. The best way to stay up-to-date on new releases is to follow @evystreeofficial on Instagram! There you will find sneak peeks, release info, styling ideas, and special sales! Hint: a new sneak peek was released today and you can enter to win it on Instagram or Facebook!

Take a look around at the wonder of Evy’s Tree – I know you will fall in love just like I have!

Do you own anything from Evy’s Tree? What are your favorite styles?

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The Hope Every Mom Needs

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

I’m so excited! It’s like my friends are having a baby today, but instead it’s a book! And this new book is an important one for every mom.

Brooke McGlothlin {my MOB Society cofounder} and Stacey Thacker released Hope for the Weary Mom a few years ago as a self-published ebook, then in paperback. It was a powerful read for myself and for many other mamas. And a publisher took notice.

Today, Hope for the Weary Mom is releasing again, but this time with TONS of new, hope-filled content and coming from Harvest House Publishers! This calls for a happy dance!

Friends, I am the weary mom they wrote this book for {not specifically me, but you know what I mean} and I’m guessing many of you would say the same. It’s ok. Mothering is hard, holy work. Just because you’re weary doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Brooke and Stacey have written a powerful message to help you and I refocus and find the source of true hope in the middle of motherhood.


This isn’t one of those motherhood books that tells what you should and shouldn’t be doing. I can’t read those books. This book is like coffee date with two real moms who go through the same things as you. They have found a perspective and lifeline of hope in Jesus and they’re offering it to you with love.

One of my very favorite lines from the whole book is something I need to memorize and internalize…

“Our kids need moms who will get up, dust themselves off, and cast their nets one more time.”

That speaks right to where I am as a mom. Sometimes, after going several rounds with the kiddos, I just want to throw in the towel. But that is not what hope would do. Hope never gives up, just as Jesus never gives up on me.

“When you cling to the end of our rope, we pray you see him. He is your shelter. He will support you. He is the answer. He is Hope for the Weary Mom. ”

Please, dear mom friends, get this book for yourself today. Let the truth of it sink in to your hearts. Go through it with a small group. You are not alone in being weary, but together, we can find and CHOOSE hope!


For a very limited time, when you purchase your copy of Hope for the Weary Mom anywhere books are sold, you can get three free videos from Stacey and Brooke giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how they personally overcome weariness and choose to live a hope-filled life.

In the videos, they’re allowing you a look into their private lives, sharing specific examples of those weary moments all moms have and how to find hope in the midst of it.

It’s like having two friends walk along-side you as you figure out this motherhood thing…and I couldn’t have picked two better friends for this job!

Declare StaceyBrooke and I dotMOM
I highly recommend these videos, because Brooke and Stacey are full of honest wisdom and lots of grace. They speak from a place of vulnerability and every word has been bathed in prayer.They’re only available during launch week for the Hope for the Weary Mom book, so go grab your copy now, keep your receipt, and then visit this site to claim your free videos. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

Brooke and Stacey, THANK YOU for writing this book and spreading this life-giving, hope-filled message! I love you both dearly and I’m SO proud of you!

Oh, and I’m actually mentioned in the book! When you read the book, let me know when you find it!  A little book hide-and-seek for you!

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