Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

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I recently did some research on childhood hunger in my area. What I found made me sad and a little sick to my stomach. Over 30,000 children in my community are at-risk for hunger. 30,000. I can’t get that number out of my head.

I used to scoff at stores and restaurants that asked me, “Would you like to add $1 to your bill to help fight hunger?” How could $1 do anything to fight hunger?

Then I learned the stories and numbers. And I learned the power of doing something, anything, no matter how big or small, to help. I applaud any company who wants to partner with their customers to DO SOMETHING to help fight poverty or hunger or any injustice in our communities.

The Walmart Foundation recently launched “Fight Hunger. Spark Change.,” a nationwide campaign calling on the public – that means us! – to get involved in the fight against hunger right here in America. The goal of this campaign is to provide $3.7 million in grants to participating Feeding America food banks and local partner agencies that provide hunger relief to millions of people in need of food assistance.

Walmart Fight Hunger

As part of the initiative, Walmart is teaming up with acclaimed chef, cookbook author and TV host, G. Garvin, and calling on the public to support their local food banks by voting online through October 5th!

So here’s the deal about how YOU can get involved…

1. Head over to Walmart’s Fighting Hunger site, type in your state, and vote for your favorite local food bank! I’m voting for Food Bank for the Heartland! You can vote once a day and tell your friends to join you!

2. Join me and a few friends for a Twitter party next Tuesday, September 30th at 1:00 p.m. EST using the hashtag #Vote2FightHunger to spread the word about this important campaign! Five $25 Walmart gift cards will be given away during the hour and I want YOU to win one of them {or all of them}! Find all the details of the Twitter party here and I’ll see you there next week!

Do you know about hunger in your community? Have you donated to or worked with your local food bank?


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Fall Capsule Wardrobe: The Pieces

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Did I build up this capsule wardrobe reveal enough?!

Seriously. I’m no fashion expert. I’m a mom who doesn’t want to look frumpy as I go about my boy-raising life. I thought I would share my fall capsule wardrobe process and pieces because I think a lot of you are moms like me – not a huge clothing budget, wanting to look stylish but also be comfortable, needing easy ideas for looking put together, wanting to SIMPLIFY.

If you’re new here, you can read my fall capsule wardrobe lead-up posts here:

About my fall capsule wardrobe: I have 37 pieces on my list right now. It does not include shoes, accessories, workout clothes, pajamas, or undergarments. There is no hard-and-fast rule about the number of pieces in a capsule. Some people include shoes, some don’t. I have my number at 37 right now and will cap it at 40. I’m giving myself that wiggle room in case I realize I forgot something!

Fall Capsule Pieces

Here’s my current list and I will update it if necessary… 



  • black skinnies {Target}
  • denim skinnies {Levi’s}
  • white jeans {Target}
  • black maxi {GAP}
  • comfy skinnies {similar}
  • mint skinny cords {J. Crew}
  • red jeans {Target}
  • wide leg jeans {Ann Taylor – thrifted}
  • knee-length skirt {hand-me-down}



A few notes on this fall capsule wardrobe: Of course, I had to include a couple game day shirts! There are a few pieces in the “tops” section that I am considering swapping out, but I’ll give them a try for a few weeks first! And as soon as I had this list finalized and I started dressing from it, the weather warmed up again! Ugh! I have a pair of shorts on standby to use when needed, but otherwise I’m sticking to this list through the middle of December!

I didn’t include pictures of every item because I will be showing you them in outfits as the weeks roll on! If you follow me Instagram, you may have seen a few already, and I’ll keep posting outfits several times a week over there!

What pieces on this list would be in your fall capsule wardrobe?


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Fashion Friday Game Day Style – 55% Off!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson! I was also given this necklace to review!

Game day + Fashion Friday is a combo I can DEFINITELY get behind! I love my sports and I love fashion, so today’s deal from Cents of Style is right up my alley! And there are five different items to choose from to support your favorite team on game day!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- Game Day Accessories 55% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code GAMEDAY


All five items are less than $15 shipped, with some less than $9 shipped! Use the code GAMEDAY to get 55% off at checkout and free shipping! You can choose from a GAME DAY graphic tee, a long beaded necklace, a short beaded necklace, a jersey infinity scarf, and a knit head wrap!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- Game Day Accessories 55% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code GAMEDAY


The long beaded necklaces are probably my favorite item of the day! They have red + white to support my Huskers and green + yellow to support my Packers! And they are stylish enough to wear any day of the week!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- Game Day Accessories 55% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code GAMEDAY


The GAME DAY shirt is neutral enough to wear for any sporting event and when you pair it with the short beaded necklace available in all the colors below and many more, you’ll be ready to look cute cheering on your favorite team!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- Game Day Accessories 55% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code GAMEDAY


The jersey infinity scarves are perfect for the fall nights out at football games! I love the style and colors!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- 55% off Game Day Accessories with Code GAMEDAY


And once the weather cools off, about mid-season, I’m going to want these fun ear warmers in my team colors! It gets COLD at night out at the field!

Fashion Friday- 9/19/14- Game Day Accessories 55% off & FREE SHIPPING with Code GAMEDAY


Watch later today for some pictures of my game day style when I update this post, but don’t wait to get your game day accessories at 55% off with the code GAMEDAY at checkout!

Which colors will you be buying to support your team?

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6 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect {Guest Post}

Today we have a guest post from Darlene Schacht, also known as The Time-Warp Wife! I love her commitment to encouraging women in their marriages and she has a new book on that very topic! I can’t wait for you to read her words today AND enter the giveaway at the bottom!


I like it when Michael shows how much he loves me by spending time with me, buying gifts of chocolate, or taking care of little things around the house. My husband has learned how to speak my love language and he does it so well.

In fact a few weeks ago he came home with a bouquet of chocolate bars. It was so sweet of him! I think he figures that they’ll last longer than flowers. Ha!

I love that man.

While Michael also deserves my love in return, time has shown me that he also needs something else–my respect.

He needs to know that there are qualities about him that I admire. He should be told that he’s doing a great job leading our family. And he deserves to know how much we appreciate the job he does outside of the home.

Those are a few of the ways that I can show him how much he’s respected.

There’s a popular mindset that tells us, “Respect needs to be earned.” In other words it’s conditional on someone’s behavior toward us.

The problem with that way of thinking is that the minute we show disrespect to someone, their admiration toward us naturally goes down. The more their admiration toward us goes down, the less we respect them. See the negative cycle there?

Dr. Emerson, author of “Love and Respect” writes,

Though we all need love and respect equally, the felt need differs during conflict. For example, when a woman feels unloved during conflict, her natural reaction is to respond disrespectfully. And when a husband feels disrespected during conflict, his reaction is to respond unlovingly. We call this the Crazy Cycle: “Without love a wife reacts without respect, and without respect a husband reacts without love.”

For most couples it doesn’t happen over night, but many get caught up in the cycle and find that over the years their love and respect for each other is chipping away.

Long before marriage counselors discovered a woman’s desire for love and a man’s need for respect, the Holy Spirit inspired these words:

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. – Ephesians 5:33, NIV

It’s true that we might not respect every thing that a husband does or says, but we offer respect by showing him the things we admire about him and loving him with a humble heart.

Why do we do it?

Our respect isn’t for the purpose of stroking their ego, or gaining their love in return (that is nice however!). We do it to glorify God and reflect the relationship between Jesus and his church. That’s the reason that marriage exists the way that it does.

Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. We’re talking about an imperfect church that didn’t deserve the grace of God. The Bible tells us that God demonstrated His love toward us while we were yet sinners.

If husbands are called to show that kind of love, shouldn’t we be expected to offer grace in return?

When we love people from that point of grace, we reverse the negative cycle. We respect them for the men that they, and they admire that quality in us.


In closing let’s look at 6 ways to show our husbands respect:

1. Allow him to lead – Colossians 3:18 tells us this, “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.” Encourage him in his role as a husband and patiently allow him to lead.

2. Affirm him with words of encouragement and support – Tell him what a good job he’s doing. Be thankful for the sacrifices he makes. It’s easy to be a fault-finder, but those who seek to strengthen their marriage seek ways to build each other up.

3. Honor him in front of others – Whether he is in your presence or not, you can show respect to your husband by speaking kindly of him.

4. Pray for him – The best ways to respect your husband is to care for him spiritually. Bring him before the Lord daily asking that God will strengthen him, protect him, and guide him in wisdom.

5. Do your share – One thing I love about the Proverbs 31 woman is how she worked hard for her family. By taking care their home, she brought honor and respect to her husband.

6. Be content – It’s so much easier to complain about those things that we don’t have than to appreciate those that we have. But when we’re grateful for the things that we have, we offer respect to our husbands.

Maybe he doesn’t do everything that you wish he did, and maybe he can’t provide you with the things that you long for. But if you look around at the things that you do have, I suspect you’ll find much to be thankful for.

Darlene Schacht


Messy Beautiful Love 3dcover

How about that giveaway of Messy Beautiful Love?! I have THREE copies to give away! Just enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DarleneHRDarlene Schacht is the well-known Time Warp Wife whose purpose in ministry is to encourage wives to put God first in their lives. She inspires us to love our husbands and children, and to be good homemakers. In doing so, we bring glory to God. God has created each one of us with a purpose, which is first and foremost to glorify Him. When we live as Jesus lived in obedience to the Bible, we bring glory to God, bring peace to our home, and draw closer to our husbands in the process.

Darlene is an Evangelical Christian who has been married to her husband Michael for over twenty-five years. They have four children and two adorable pugs. Their lives are basically surrounded by three things: faith, family, and books.

Her newest book, {affiliate link} Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages (Thomas Nelson), delivers an incredible testimony of grace that offers hope for today’s marriages and a spark for rekindling love.

Visit Darlene’s website at:

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Boots + Scarf Bundle Sale TODAY ONLY!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson! I was also given this necklace to review!

It’s the 2nd birthday of Fashion Friday with Cents of Style and we’re all celebrating in a big way! It’s the perfect fall Fashion Friday – boots AND a scarf for just $32.95 shipped!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 9/12/14- Boots & Scarf- $32.95 & FREE SHIPPING with Code CELEBRATE

Ok, scarves are a no-brainer. They are the most wonderful fall accessory – warm, stylish, an outfit-maker! This infinity scarf is a silk/poly blend and comes in eight different colors!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 9/12/14- Boots & Scarf- $32.95 & FREE SHIPPING with Code CELEBRATE

And the boots…ahhh, boots. Buckles are everywhere on boots right now. These boots have a small heel and are perfect for any calf size – and all the women said AMEN!

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 9/12/14- Boots & Scarf- $32.95 & FREE SHIPPING with Code CELEBRATE

IMAGE: Fashion Friday- 9/12/14- Boots & Scarf- $32.95 & FREE SHIPPING with Code CELEBRATE

Isn’t this the cutest fall outfit?! To get this deal, put the shoes of your size and the scarf in your color choice in your cart, then use the code CELEBRATE at checkout to get both for $32.95 total with free shipping!

This sale went fast last year, so celebrate with Cents of Style now and get your own scarf and boot set to get cozy and stylish in this fall!

Which color scarf is your favorite? I’m loving the orange!

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My Favorite Noonday Necklace + Giveaway!

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson! I was also given this necklace to review!

I shared my fall ethical fashion favorites earlier this week, but I intentionally left a few off so I could feature them on their own. And today’s feature includes a giveaway, too!

Do you know about Noonday Collection yet? Noonday uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. Jobs are created, scholarships and no-interest loans are provided, adoptions are funded…there is SO much good coming from this super-fashionable organization. And if you watched My Big Family Renovation on HGTV with the Hatmaker family, your saw a LOT of Noonday jewelry on mama Jen.

So here’s my current Noonday favorite – the new Tierdrop necklace

Noonday necklace 4

Noonday Necklace 3

Outfit details: t-shirt + leopard flats - Target, skirt – GAP, Star Cluster necklace – DaySpring

Beautifully handmade in India with glass beads, rhinestones, metal beads, and twisted rope, the Tierdrop necklace is gorgeous and way more versatile than I originally imagined! This first outfit was a late summer church outfit, but I could easily add some leggings or tights, ankle boots and a denim jacket to transition to fall!

And here is a full-on fall outfit featuring the Tierdrop…

Noonday Necklace 1 Noonday Necklace 2

Outfit details: military jacket {similar} - thrifted/GAP, white v-neck tee – GAP, jeggings – WalMart, grey ankle boots – Steve Madden, Crescent Moon earrings – Noonday

I love that the Tierdrop necklace can be worn with a fancy outfit or add a little spunk to a t-shirt! I know it will get LOTS of wear with my fall capsule wardrobe and beyond!

Would YOU like your own Tierdrop necklace? You can win one here now! Just enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2014 is Here!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

We all want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for ourselves and those we love. We want to lose some weight, have more energy, use greener products, create nutritious meals for our families, get fit, and feel confident that we’re doing all we can to prevent serious diseases.

But it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the masses of healthy living advice out there – to the point where we’re frozen into complete inaction instead!

That’s where The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes in. For the ridiculously low price of just $29.97 (for the PDF version) or $39.97 (for the eReader version), you can get access to a carefully curated collection of eBooks and eCourses with a total combined value of $1,030.

The bundle contains a wealth of information from the very finest healthy living writers out there – but there’s no risk of getting overwhelmed! A useful Getting Started Guide is included with your purchase, which will help you identify the most valuable resources for your specific health priorities.

The Ultimate Bundles team has done all the hard work for you – finding the top experts across a number of healthy living fields and combining their products into one essential collection. If you want to take control of your health, there’s no better way to start!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59pm EST on Monday, September 15.

But don’t wait until the last moment – there are only 30,000 bundles available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

You can buy with confidence because your purchase is covered by the Ultimate Bundles one-year guarantee: you have a full year to enjoy all the books and courses in the bundle, and if you don’t feel like it’s made a huge difference to your family’s health, you’ll get your money back in full!

Click here for more info or to buy now.

As if this great collection of eBooks and eCourses wasn’t enough, the Ultimate Bundles team has also partnered with 10 fantastic companies who’ve each agreed to give a special bonus to every buyer. The bonuses have a total value of over $200 – more than 5 times the price of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle itself!

The bonuses include free goodies aplenty: a bottle of Healthy Mouth Blend from OraWellness, a baltic amber bracelet from Sweetbottoms Boutique, and a starter culture from Cultures For Health. You’ll also get gift sets from Made On Skin Care Products and Homegrown Collective.

There are virtual goodies, too – a 4-month membership to and a 3-month premium membership to meal planning service Tradishen. And as if all that weren’t enough, there are also $15 gift certificates for, and Trilight Health. There is a nominal shipping charge for many of the bonuses, based on each company’s standard shipping rates, and is usually $3-5.

Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

When? 7 a.m. EST Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, September 15

What? 73 eBooks and 7 audio & eCourses, PLUS over $200 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle HERE.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth $1030, and it’s selling for less than $30. Sweet deal, right?

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Want to know exactly what’s included in the bundle?

Take a look through the categories, as well as the full list of eBooks and eCourses.

We think there’s something here for everyone, and don’t forget… our Getting Started Guide will show you exactly which resources cover the topics and health concerns that matter most to you!

Alternative Health & Home Remedies

Audio Courses & eCourses


Gardening & Homesteading

Green Cleaning

Healthy Children

Meal Budgeting & Planning

Natural Beauty & Skincare

Real Food Recipes


Special Diets

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 7 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, September 10th to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 15th.



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Fall Ethical Fashion Must-Haves

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

Before we dive in to my fall capsule wardrobe next week, I wanted to take a moment to share a few of my favorite pieces for the fall that are ethically made. I’m not in a place where I can buy everything fair-trade, but I sure am a lot more aware of my purchases and always have my eyes open for new places to buy clothing and accessories that are ethically sourced.

I could do a post every day about ethically-made pieces I love, so it was a challenge to narrow down this list, but here are a few of my favorites for fall right now…

Fall Ethical Fashion Must-Haves (1)

clockwise starting from the top right…

Game Day Selam scarf by fashionABLE – Fashion + football = two of my favorite things in the world. They have all sorts of team colors available now, with more coming soon!

Teshome leather wrap bracelets by fashionABLE – I wear one or two or three of these every single day. They are perfect for stacking!

The Geno women’s houndstooth socks by Mitscoots – Fun socks on a mission to give socks AND employ people. Plus they are super comfy.

Brynnda custom bag by Better Life Bags – Favorite purse I’ve ever owned and you can customize it with whatever fabrics your heart desires. See my Brynnda here.

Grey diamond ballet flats by The Root Collective – Grey is THE hot color for the fall and goes with everything. I love knowing that Otto made my shoes and is getting paid a fair wage for making them!

White tagua seed earrings by The Root Collective – Yep. I wear these several times a week. They are neutral and so light!

Faith, Hope, and Love Block Print Wallet by JOYN for DaySpring – This print is just fabulous and screams fall! Use the code SAVE20GIFTS to get 20% off!

French Terry shirt in Midnight by Everlane – I love my Everlane shirts and I’ve heard this is the softest sweatshirt around. You can check out all the factories Everlane products are made in right on their website. Love that transparency.

Teal Sankofa necklace by Johari Creations - How gorgeous is this necklace?! I can picture it sprucing up a plain tee/maxi skirt outfit or with a chambray shirt and black skinnies!


The color grey, lots of leather, tribal prints – what fall trends are you loving?

What ethical fashion companies do you love?


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Must-Have Tools for Creating Your Capsule Wardrobe

I have included affiliate links below. When you purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this site and our sponsorship of our Compassion child, Samson!

I told you this week about WHY I need a capsule wardrobe, but I needed some tools {and time} to make it finally happen! Once I finally set aside some time and utilized these tools, it was actually pretty easy to piece together my capsule wardrobe for this fall. I recommend using the tools in this order…

Tools for Creating Capsule Wardrobe

The No-Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan

Read this first. Everything you need to get started is in here: the why, how, and what of making your own capsule wardrobe. This book is not about rules, but about inspiration and guidance for simplifying and refining your style and closet!


If you don’t have a board on Pinterest where you pin styles you love, start one now. If you do have a style board {or several style boards, like me}, take a good look at what you’ve been pinning. Make notes of what you pin. Jot down favorite pieces you own and make note of ones that you want to acquire. Think of this as “required research.” I think of it as lots of fun! I also use Pinterest after I’ve picked all my pieces to figure out new ways to style them.

The Capsule Wardrobe Planner from UnFancy

I love a little pen + paper work when I’m brainstorming, so I printed out Caroline’s free planner and started scribbling away. I like the way she makes you think about your lifestyle and how that affects your wardrobe needs. I also appreciated the section on color planning. It’s really important to be able to mix and match most pieces in your capsule and the color section helped me weed through my choices!

Stylebook App

I adore this app. Stylebook is the app you need once you have your capsule mostly selected and you want to start putting together outfit ideas. You are basically taking pictures of each piece of clothing and adding them to your digital closet within the app. Getting each picture taken, edited, and added can take a little while, but Stylebook has some good tips on making this easier. Also, when I buy a new piece of clothing, I grab the image off the store website OR from the “Shop” section of the app if possible because it already has a plain white background, which means less editing!

After your clothes {and shoes and accessories if you want} are entered, you can put together looks for day, evening, work, or whatever categories you want to form. You can also “log” what you wear each day with the calendar section and keep track of how often you wear each item! Another fun feature tells you “cost per wear” for any item you enter the value for! Check out all of the features here. Stylebook is such a useful capsule wardrobe tool, but it is also tons of fun!


Ok, we’ve covered my capsule wardrobe why and how this week! Next week I’ll share a little more about inspiration and what I’m NOT including in my capsule wardrobe. The week of September 15th, I’ll share all my pieces!

Are you doing this capsule wardrobe thing with me? Do you already have a fall capsule wardrobe planned? If you’re still thinking about it, what questions do you have?


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What I Learned When I Visited a Children’s Hospital

This post is part of the Miracle Marathon campaign.

I had been on this children’s hospital campus once before.

Our youngest, known around here as Double J, had a slight heart murmur at his 18-month check-up and our pediatrician wanted an ultrasound done to check it out. We had an appointment in the outpatient clinic and everything checked out just fine.

I didn’t like that we had to be there, but everything about the place made our little one and me feel at ease – the bright, playful decor, the friendly staff, the child-friendly waiting area. For all of that and for the health of our boy, I was very grateful.

I went back to the same children’s hospital campus last week, not as a parent, but as an observer. I was invited on a tour of the hospital facilities to share them with you as we approach the start of the Miracle Marathon, a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals such as Children’s Omaha. And I learned more than I bargained for.

What I Learned at a Children's Hospital

As soon as I stepped in to the heart cath lab, our first stop on the tour, I learned my first lesson: it would be impossible to leave behind the parent part of me as I went on the tour. The child currently being observed in the lab was a six-year-old boy. I have a six-year-old boy. I was amazed to hear about the specialized work of the doctors and staff in this particular lab. The technology being used was incredible.

Children's Cath Lab

But I couldn’t stop thinking about this sweet boy whose heart was in a fast rhythm that couldn’t be controlled by meds and who needed to be observed for most of the day to figure out just what was wrong. I could only imagine being his parents, waiting to hear the diagnosis, but I could also imagine how thankful I would be to know my son was getting such great specialized care. The closest cath lab for children is three hours away, so this is an important service for children in a large geographical area.

My second big lesson came as we visited the emergency department, where 27,000 children have been seen in the past year. Emergency rooms need to be ready for anything, and a children’s hospital emergency room has to be ready for patients of any size. Laid out in the trauma room were the smallest and largest pieces of equipment that could be used on a patient – from a preemie to a high school football player…

Children's Trauma Room

When you hear children’s hospital, you might think of a child similar in age to your child. That’s how my mind viewed it until I saw this trauma room. Treating a sick newborn is very different from treating an injured high school athlete, but these hospitals are ready for it all.

Children's Cuffs

The different medicines that may be needed in the trauma room are even color-coded by weight to streamline the process of treating a trauma patient. I was in awe of how every detail has been thought of to take the best care of kids in need of medical care.

Children's Med Cart

My third lesson: I should have brought tissues. I was very emotional on the tour, for so many reasons. Touring the NICU, seeing the EMT team load up the ambulance to pick up a preemie from another hospital, talking to an interpreter who enjoys so much her job helping Spanish-speaking families and children at the hospital. It was very powerful to see so many people helping these sick and hurting children and loving on their families as well.

Children's Preemie Cart

Which brings me to the last lesson I will share with you today: Donations to this children’s hospital help fund pivotal positions in the hospital I didn’t even know about. One of the most interesting and important to me is the child-life specialist. A child-life specialist is there in the room to help the child feel more comfortable, to help distract them during a painful procedure, to make a sad, horrible, worrisome experience better in any way they can. This position is so critical, yet not reimbursed by insurance companies, which makes it a position dependent on donations.

A children’s hospital could be a place full of so much sadness, but I learned it is a place of love, specialized care, and hope, and I feel so privileged to share such a special place with you.

Children's Girl Heart


The Miracle Marathon, a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, kicks off Tuesday, September 16th. It’s not a scary marathon – it’s just a mile a day for 26 days plus 1.2 miles on the 27th day. You can run, walk, bike – just move a mile forward each day. Do it with your kids. Do it FOR the kids. And I would love to have you join my team! You can donate to our local hospital or one local to you! Just go here to sign up and/or donate and get ready to move! {Yes, we have a long ways to go, but every donation – big or small – is important! Please give what you can!}

Have you ever been to a children’s hospital with your own child? What was your experience like?

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