Do Your Research

I review and recommend a lot of books and products for kids here. My reviews are always based on MY experience with MY family and OUR values and standards. I love sharing the things we love with you, but that doesn’t always mean you will love what we love!

It is up to you as the parents and spiritual leaders of your children to make the decisions about what is read, watched, and played in your house. And it’s time we all took that role very seriously.

Parents: Please DO YOUR RESEARCH!

This was all prompted by a discussion on The MOB Society Facebook page about the Brick Bible. The Brick Bible claims to be a story bible portraying Bible stories with Lego figurines. To most boy moms, this would seem like the PERFECT way to get their sons interested in or excited about the Bible. I checked it out on Amazon when I first heard about it thinking Big J would LOVE it. And I made a special point to read the reviews. There are a lot of them. I am so glad I did.

It turns out that the Brick Bible was put together by an atheist looking to portray what he considers a more “accurate” representation of the Bible in a “fun” way. There is much sarcasm, no Gospel message, very little actual Scripture reference {he claims because of copyright issues}, and from what I’ve heard, it is quite graphic. Circumcision, assaults on women, dismemberment, and more are depicted in great detail. He states that this “bible” is for older children, teens, and adults, but of course the Lego aspect attracts much younger children and this is NOT something I want my seven-year-old son seeing or reading.

I would have never known this from the seemingly harmless name of this book, but doing my research saved us a lot of trouble.

It is up to us as parents to choose what is allowed in our homes. Even if my best friend tells me her children enjoyed a movie, The Hubby and I still take the time to decide if it is right for our family or not.

And this is not all based on sex and language and violence. We don’t watch Caillou in our house because we don’t appreciate the whininess of the main character. That is a personal decision based on our family and the influence we saw on our children when they were younger. Well, we also can’t stand his voice, but that’s another matter…

I just want to plead with you, moms and dads, to know what your kids are asking to read, watch, and play. Don’t judge a book, movie, or game based solely on its name or cover. Care enough about what is entering your children’s minds to do your research.

If something troublesome has slipped by and you’re feeling guilty or convicted about it, you don’t have to continue to let it influence your children! And you have NO reason to feel shame about it. You have a great opportunity to discuss with your children the values of your family when you remove the item. These moments are not failures – they are teachable moments that can also help shape your children’s own decision-making and discernment skills!

Have you ever been really glad you did your research on something your child wanted to watch or read or play?