Putting My God-Sized Dream Into Perspective

I joined Holley’s God-Sized Dreams Team with lots of zeal and enthusiasm, hoping to be encouraged and challenged to pursue the great things God has been swirling about in my mind.

But when I put my dream down on paper and then read the dreams of the other ladies on the team, mine didn’t seem so God-sized anymore. It seemed even less than human-sized. It just seemed…well, not like a dream at all.

My dream does not involve writing a book or launching a ministry or starting a program. This is my God-sized dream…

My God-sized dream is to encourage families to grow closer to God and closer together through my writing while keeping my relationship with God and my own family as my first priorities.

I know this is exactly what God has put in my heart, but it just didn’t sound very grand. Until…

I remembered some wise words from my dear friend Teri Lynne. A while back, after discussing upcoming plans for writing and ministry, I had one question for Teri Lynne – “How do you manage it all – writing and ministry and everything – while taking care of your family?” And her answer was simple enough: “I don’t have a little one anymore.”

Looking back on that conversation was exactly the perspective I needed as I pondered my God-sized dream. Teri Lynne is a wonderful writer and encourager of women, but she shared that much of her ministry developed as her daughter grew older.

I have a ten-month-old baby. I homeschool two boys. My husband’s schedule is always changing. For this dream {that quite frankly started to feel un-dreamlike to me} to come to fruition in this season will DEFINITELY be a God thing.

I’m taking little steps toward my dream {with the help of Holley’s “Do What You Can” Plan ebook} and finding that what seems tiny now will grow and blossom as I am obedient and faithful with my place in life RIGHT. NOW.

Maybe God has placed a dream in your heart that feels “small” compared to the dreams He has given others. Can I encourage you today to look at your age and stage of life and realize that YOUR dream is God-sized in YOUR life? {And even take another step and share your dream here or in your own blog post?}

God-sized Dream = A desire in your heart for more of what God has for you. ~Holley Gerth

Praying you let God speak a Him-sized dream into your heart today!

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  1. Thank you for this! I decided to participate in this when I saw Holly’s post on it a week ago. And yes, I have felt many times my dream is not a God-sized dream. But I know that for now it is what He desires of me. It’s nice to know that there is someone else who has felt the same, even if I think your dream is much more God-sized than mine.

  2. Absolutely! I used to feel like my season of life was a burden at times, but now I am trying to truly embrace it and relax a little bit. I have to turn so many ministry opportunities down because of life, but I am realizing that they will always be there, but my kids won’t always be little. Frustrating at times, but I know it will be worth it in 20 years. Please know what you are doing now is super is encouraging, challenging, and inspirational to another mom of little ones. Love you, Erin, and I can not wait to see what God has dreamed for you unfold!!

  3. This is SO true and a struggle many of us young mommies go through constantly. In the midst of diaper changes it’s easy to forget that mommyhood is one of the highest callings a woman can have. We get to pour dreams into their little hearts!
    I happen to believe that you have been accomplishing your dream for a while now! 🙂 Your writing has encouraged me in so many ways. I have learned so much from you and look up to you as a spiritual leader in this online world! Thanks for sharing your heart! Love ya!

    • So true – motherhood IS such a high calling! You bless and encourage me Rachel! Thank you for your kind words!

  4. I love this. Family is the foundation of everything else we do, so I’m thankful you are clinging to that and helping others learn of the value of prioritizing your family. When I told my God-sized dream to Holley in the application, I listed a couple things and then said “while I keep my calling as a wife and mom the first priority.” Thanks for your encouragement.

  5. You sweet, sweet friend! You are living out that dream every single day … and I’m just humbled that God used me to encourage you.

    Praying for you as this dream grows and widens and deepens … and knowing that your family will be the primary recipients of the dream God has placed deep inside you. We’re all just blessed to be along for the ride!!

    Love you!

  6. Erin – that is no small dream! We are talking encouraging families – which is huge! And all while you are raising those sweet boys? That is a dream – none bigger than that!

    Do not discount your dream. If God has placed that in your heart girl, it is His dream and it is God sized.

    And Terilynne – oh my stars, that conversation right there makes me want to burst into tears.

    I love you girls so much!

  7. I know, right? I was crying on my couch this morning.

  8. I love your God-sized dream. And the perspective you shared. So good!

  9. As I read your words I just kept thinking that you recognizing this and living it out is actually part of your dream of encouraging families. You know one of the ways we impact others most is by the way we live more than anything. You making your family a priority speaks volumes friend. Blessings.

  10. you are a treasure. can I tell you how much I admire your God-sized dream? And can I also tell you I think you’re already doing a great job towards your dream? When I see sweet pictures of you and your boys I am inspired to hug mine tighter too. Thank you for being you. and by being you encouraging us all to be happier, more content mommies! love.

  11. I like your dream. And I have a 9 month old of my own so I understand the challenges a little one can bring. I am still learning more about God and bringing him into my every day life. So, I don’t have much of a God-sized dream, but I wanted to let you know, I subscribe to your blog to learn more about God, therefore, helping you with your God-Sized dream. (am I helping you with your dream? Does that sound right? I hope you know what I was trying to say!)

  12. I think your God-sized dream has God’s fingerprints all over it! I love it.

  13. Love our dream!! Excited to journey alongside you:)

  14. What a great perspective reminder! Thank you for sharing this Erin! P.S. tweeting it out!

  15. My God-sized dream is to encourage other parents of kids with & kids with autism that God hears them and loves them and made them exactly how they are. He may cure them or He may not but He’s still there and He still loves with the same intensity that He does every person.

    Also to encourage young women that God loves them, even though they may not love themselves but want that love. And that love won’t be found in someone else; only God can fill that God-sized hole.

    And just to see my kids grow to be God-fearing boys, then young men, then men.

    Wow that was a lot. eek

  16. I think it can be hard as a mom of littles to see the amazing things that God is doing in the lives of women we admire. I know for myself I desire to be like them but often times forget that they first passed through where I am to get where they are. By “be like them” I mean produce for the public what they produce. My heart can be the same in that I’m seeking God’s dream for my life right now and obviously that’s different for all of us.
    I think I’m going to leave it at that for the moment before I just keep rambling on with my thinking out loud. I’m going to have to check out Holley’s site.


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