Oh my goodness. We went to quite the party last night!

The woman hosting the party is a good friend from MOPS and church and it was her hubby’s birthday.

Let me tell you, she went ALL out! And we got to enjoy it!

First of all, there was the location. A nearby city has a fantastic zoo. And that zoo has an amazing aquarium. And in the aquarium is the coolest tunnel where sharks and sting rays and sea turtles and schools of fish swim all around you.

That is where we ate dinner. With sharks and sting rays and sea turtles and schools if fish swimming all around us.


Then there was the food. I’ll just say that I will do whatever it takes to duplicate the amazing sliced roast beef in a brandied peppercorn sauce ( or something like that!) that was served. Wow. And the cutest cupcakes for dessert. I love a good cupcake.

So all of that would have been more than enough for me, but following dinner, we moved out to the area with the jellyfish and the fish that swim in circles 24/7 for our entertainment.

No, the fish were not our entertainment. Seriously, people.

Our entertainment was this comedian. I laughed…and laughed…and cried a little, but only from laughter…and then laughed a little more.

It feels really good to laugh a lot. I should hire a comedian every weekend.

On top of all of this, we were with good friends. That makes any night a great night.

Oh, and we got to see the penguins on the way in and out so Stephen was a happy camper.

The couple who hosted the party is the most welcoming, giving, caring Christian couple and we were blessed to be a part of this special night!

(We listened to the Husker game driving home and watched the last 3:32 when we got home. I almost had a heart attack watching the end. We won 10-3. Our defense rocks. It was the perfect night.)